:wave: Hi my Droners, I hope everyone is super well.

Here, I leave you the link to my latest video on YouTube. :video_camera: :beach_umbrella:

I hope you like it, if so, give me a like and if you like it even more, share and subscribe. Leave your comment in the channel as well. :heart_eyes:


Very nice. I haven’t been down to Newquay for a few years now and that makes me want to go back.

Horizons are a bit wonky though that would be easy to fix. But otherwise, nice video. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Doginabag Thank you for your comment and for your time watching the video. I did notice some instability but the wind affected those days… But I will be more attentive on the next flights.Thanks to this type of comments one improves :wave::grin::heartpulse::movie_camera::clapper::camera_flash::parasol_on_ground: