NFZ near airports to be extended to 5km on 13th March 2019

The no fly zone for drones around airports is to be extended following the disruption at Gatwick in December, the government says.

From 13 March it will be illegal to fly a drone within 5km (approx 3 miles) of an airport, rather than the current 1km (0.6-mile) exclusion zone.




Drone no-fly zone to be widened after Gatwick chaos - BBC News


Hi guys
Just got an email saying the new bill for UK drones wil be going forward with no fly zone for drones near airports at a distance of 3.1 miles (5km). Not exactly sure when it’ll kick in.

I moved your post over here @Sky_scater

Almost the saddest thing about that is they can’t even be consistent with using metric v Imperial.
Was 1km, now 3 miles. I guess it will be parsecs next.

Well, no. The really sad thing is that it doesn’t stop idiots flying up and down Gatwick/Heathrow runways.

Personally … my garden being 250m from an airport is awkward.

But. Hang on! Jessops? That’s way beyond sad.

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Thanks, after I’ve posted it has been mentioned with the link.

@OzoneVibe Damn, yes they’re creeping closer to me also!

Yeah the whole thing does read like a Jessops press release :roll_eyes:

Don’t forget though, they have a (very) vested interest as Peter Jones also owns


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That may just be bad reporting (like there’s such a thing as good reporting)

The .gov PR does say 5km so I guess media outlets are just converting that to miles to make it easier for their readers :man_shrugging:

Strangely I can’t find anything about this on the CAA site?

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I’ll rename this thread too, we all know what a km is after all!

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Poor reporting indeed, the article says drones were sighted and the only picture they have of drones is this one. What are they implying?


Phew!, just done a rough measure from the Park where i fly to our Local Airport.
glad to report it’s just over 5 kms, well according to my ruler and Google maps its is!!
Soooo, Norwich Guys @PaperCrane, @UnluckyTimmeh, @finnrigney and Co.
Eaton Park is safe to fly, so is Earlham Park !.
And my mates fishing lakes complex at Hevingham, AH! AH!, Nope, sorry Trev !!

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Calling @Paul_M, Is Caister still classed as a working Airport?.
I know they used to fly out of there to the rigs, not sure these days?

Google Earth has a point-to-point measure. No need for rulers.

So, I’m 260m from the airport … whilst in my bedroom. Another 10m closer at the far end of my garden.

That’s the edge of the airfield grass.

Thanks Dave, just done a measure, it’s actually over 6 kms, from Park boundary to the Runway.:smirk:
Yet another piece of paper to add to the Flight Bag “Map of distance to nearest Airport”

I wonder how the classification of whether its classed an Airport or, an Airfield is going to affect this?.
As we have several small Airfields around here, are they going to be included I wonder?

They have just updated their site.

And published a new Drone Code:


I have this argument many times over with my Mrs, although many folks still use inches, miles and fathoms, when I was at secondary school (80-85) we learned metric isn’t it about time we settled on one or the other (maybe a Room 101 debate).

Unless Brexit means an end to metric?

Well - that’s vague!!


“2 or 2.5km” radius - what happened to the “from airfield perimeter”??

No indication where the 5km is measured from. Runway centre-point or thresholds?

That’s about as clear as mud !!