NFZ warnings on older firmware?

A question for those of you running older firmware on the Mavic Pro.

I’m debating downgrading to .700 but I’m not sure what either of my GO4 apps will make of this.

I run the latest 4.1.18 one iPad Mini 2 and the latest (unsure of build # at the mo) on the CrystalSky.

If I downgrade both the Mavic, the controller and all the batteries (which is a pain in the arse, right?) I think this will stop me getting NFZ warnings if I so much as even breathe in the direction of the football stadium up the road, but won’t the client app still keep on shouting at me about permission to fly etc?

Or do the apps NFZ warnings fall silent due to the old Mavic firmware?

I’m running CS v02.04.02.00 which uses GO4 v4.1.14

Well, they don’t fall silent.

I rolled back to .700 at the weekend and drove out to middle of a local NFZ (football stadium) for a test.

The Mavic was completely grounded, it wouldn’t even let me start the rotors.

I think this may be to do with the GO4 v4.1.14 app, but I’m not sure…

Pinging @Cobblers and @Flyingpigvrs and anyone else running .700 or lower. Should I have changed a parameter in the drone too I wonder?

Ok, it’s possible that I may need to edit a parameter in the Mavic to remove the NFZ warnings - this might not be app related at all.

I headed over to digdat0’s channel for more info, which is when I saw this:

So I’m now on a mission to find the params that may need changing :slight_smile:

I rolled back to .400, and not had an issue, i got the geo lock, but it flew no probs… i have been busy last couple of weeks… i will try and get out over the weekend for a wee test in the middle of NFZ just to check…

Can you let me know what app version you’re on? I’m still suspecting the app is the issue here…

app version? 4.1.8

Hmmm… did you change any parameters using Assistant after rolling back?

Or did the NLD app you bought work some magic under the hood I wonder?

Not sure, i will get a look on Sun, poss. Sat if i have time… but it may have…

I’ve been aiming for droid app version 4.0.7 but the fact that you’re running a higher version than that and not getting any NFZ issues is really leaning me towards this being a simple parameter setting.

Thanks for your help Andy :+1:

I will have a look tomorrow at all the gear, busy busy at this time of year so dont have much spare time… but will deffo check it out…

Eh up!

I still haven’t had the opportunity to fly since rolling back due to work shifts and not getting till late.
My days off the weather has been rubbish.

I didn’t change any parameters in the app, I’m only using the crystalsky now which has been updated to the latest FW.

All I can say for definite is that living literally a few hundred yards from the end of the main runway at Mcr Airport. I used to get NFZ warnings the second I turned on. It would let me start the rotors but if I flew literally 100 feet from my house I’d have entered the NFZ. (I live right at the end of my road, my mum and dad live literally 20 doors down and I can’t start the rotors at their house) since I rolled back to .0700 I now no longer get any warnings when I switch on. It may just be coincidence and when I try and take off or fly it may be a different story.

OK, I’ve finally got somewhere with the Mavic Pro NFZ removal :+1:

Got speaking to a guy by the name of Qoncussion who pointed me in the right direction and highlighted what I’d missed.

Sure enough, two parameters needed changing in order to completely disable the NFZ in the Mavic Pro:

g_config_airport_limit_cfg_cfg_disable_airport_fly_limit = 1
g_config_airport_limit_cfg_cfg_limit_data = 20250910

That was it, changed those two parameters (to those values) and I was off and running!!! (well, flying)

So you may recall, when I tried to take off from within a NFZ I was told in no uncertain terms, “Cannot take off”. I had a red tail light on the Mavic and I couldn’t even start the rotors:

Then the following day (today), after changing those two parameters I headed back to the exact same place.

You can see from the map that I’m right inside the NFZ (I wanted to be sure!) yet this time, instead of the red warning message in the GO4 app, I’m greeted with a shiny green “Ready to Go (GPS)” message and a green tail light:

Sure enough, it let me fly without an issue.

There was a warning message in the top bar that didn’t go away, but there were no popups, no restrictions and nothing to interrupt my flight. I went out beyond 30m distance and 30m height just to make sure there were no other restrictions. All good!

So there we have it, the .700 firmware now works perfectly with the latest GO4 app and no NFZ issues :+1:

And I can now take off from my back garden without being driven mad by irrelevant warnings :smiley:

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How/where do you change those parameters? Is it a file.yoi can access when it’s (the mavic pro) plugged into the computer via DJI assistant?

I’ll do a new thread all about parameters tomorrow Mark :+1: