Nice UK Price on Mavic Air... - May 2019

Got my DJI Mavic Air in March 2019 as Fly More kit at £840 from Amazon.

Today they have the base model (with RC, spare props and one battery) at just £410, available only in black. There are 6 in stock. The FlyMore Combo is still £840, but you can get a lot of bags and batteries for the £430 you would be saving…

But it goes further! You can have the FlyMore Combo (basically 3 batteries, a better charger and a bag) if you buy it in white for £480.

If you were looking for a Mavic Air, this could be the right time?

I’d be wary of this seller, lots of high end items at great savings, but he is in Italy and has only had 2 feedbacks since 2017 ;o(

I smell scam

Bloody scammers everywhere, you need to be so careful these days. I had one yesterday trying to do me out on my MPP I have for sale.

Deffo scam, M2Z for £600, its not even worth the chance even though you’ll get your money back from amazon

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I’m not so sure about the advice above. The “Amazon” being so quickly discarded as an assurance is the genuine one; if you are a customer with them, this cannot go £400 worth of bad. You’re being offered a £400+ discount on a product that does not vary in quality dependent on where or how it is sourced. If it was my money, I’d order it and celebrate the price difference.
If it were me, I’d be £400 richer at this stage…

Interesting that the seller ‘Evoluzione Hi-Fi’ no longer has anything available at all (from a full stroefront yesterday)

I had read that as they had sold out. The number available decreased as the night progressed.

They have sold out of everything, unless I am been unkind and it was a popular sale day.

It could be a money laundering operation. Buy products with dodgy money. Sell at a lower price for a quick sale. Clean money 14 days later from Amazon.

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Definitely fishy.

Just can’t believe Amazon are still allowing this scam they obviously have no monitoring, if you check back to one of my posts in January I purchased one of these after checking twice with Amazon CS and they assured me it was genuine and yes surprise it was a scam my money was returned from Amazon but they assured me they are doing everything possible to eliminate this scam obviously not !!!


The age old saying, if it looks to good to be true…

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