NLD for Phantom 4 Pro V1 FCC Mod working?

Hi all
I would buy NLD for my Phantom 4 pro V1 but I’m a little confused on whether the FCC/Boost mod would work on my drone.

It seems to clearly indicate now on the bird map that the P4P v1 boost is supported, i’m also reasonably sure that this is fairly recent as I recall checking this some time ago and it wasn’t.

I was under the impression that the NLD FCC mod was based on the jkson_fcc_mod but the jkson mod says that the FCC boost only works on the Mavic Pro/Platinum and the Phantom 4 pro V2 (not the V1)

Can somebody clarify if FCC boost is now working for the P4P V1 in CE countries?
If so any idea which method they are using?

Followed your thread on slack recently and saw you went the modded APK route. I’m a long term app modding convert too :nerd_face:

This may help answer one of your other questions:

How to tell if you are in CE or FCC power mode using GO4

You may get different readings for the Phantom, but simply run a legit GO4 first, then your modded one, and compare the results? Please update that thread too :wink:

Have you had a chance to test fly it yet?

I used to have a coup[le of Mavic pro’s and modded them for FCC Boost with the Jkson mod which was pretty easy. The link you posted was the way you could tell the FCC and boost were working. Unfortunately with the P4Pro you don’t get the same screen even though it is Go 4. Maybe because the MP uses Ocusync and the P4P uses Lightbridge. So no easy way to tell other than ab range testing.
I was flying the P4P this evening but didn’t get chance to try the patched apk unfortunately.

Dammmnnnn :confused:

Do you have access to one of these?

Good Morning @stuuk1 . I use the patched NLD GO4 app for my P4P. This forces the FCC mode. No matter where you are. And it works :+1:t2:
Before using the patched GO4 app, I had video crashes from around 900m. Last week I flew 3.8km away without the video transmission even twitching.
I’ve already tried the BOOST, but I can’t say whether it really works.

I hope that I could help you further.

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Hi, yes I’ve already patched 4.1.22 using deejayeye modder on my android phone. Just waiting to give it a go!
Quick question though. If you start up on android with patched 4.1.22 then leaving everything switched on could I then connect my iPad with standard Go4 and still retain FCC or will just connecting the iPad reset it?

No but thought I had found a way to tell after experimenting yesterday. I’m messing around by using my Inspire setup looking at the channel monitor so I can see the P4P channel to see if there is any difference in “interference” level on that channel. It looks promising but needs work.

@stuuk1 Since I don’t use an Apple myself, I can only say what I’ve read about it. So all without guarantee!

It is probably the case that the NLD GO4 app switches the drone to FCC mode. If you then connect an Apple device with the original GO4 app, you should be asked whether you want to change the wifi settings.
Just press Cancel and the drone stays in FCC mode.

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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I think this would work to compare relative output.
I may build one and give it a go.
I’m a licensed but currently inactive radio ham.


Okay, now I’m officially curious :slight_smile:
I can give you the modified NLD GO4 4.1.22 to test.
If you want to modify your bird later, you can still buy NLD.

I’ve already modified 4.1.22 on my android phone but haven’t tested it yet.
I’ll keep you updated

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OK. I am looking forward to the result :smiley: