NLD Mod Client issues

Have the latest client and did a firmware update on bird and all my batteries ok also other hacks without problems.

I tried the RC and Goggles and it reconised I’ve plugged in but keeps saying Getting firmware info waiting for device never brings up options to update or hack.

I had to use DJI assistant 2 to update RC and Goggles to same version as bird. Before this new NLD Mod Client I did all.

Will it be ok or would the RC be running the show and override the birds settings.? I’ve been away from the Mod over a year and forgot everything :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Got the latest build DJI go 4 app and installed.

Which drone?

Which firmware version(s)?

Kinda need more detail :slight_smile:

Sorry :roll_eyes:

Mavic pro: 01.04.0400 via NLD Mod client

Mavic pro controller: 01.04.0400 via DJI assistant 2

DJI Goggles; 01.04.0400 via DJI assistant 2

Phone; NLDGO4122 latest build

I tested to see if it was my ISP so used another connection which when building NLDGO4122 I had to use my O2 connection otherwise it was 0kb file created.

RC and Goggles was seen by NLD Mod Client but just could not go past Getting firmware info waiting for device as if I switched off controller or pulled out working cable it would say disconnected.

it’s great they update NLD Mod Client but it’s a total overall and tbh I like old client but it’s obselete :sweat:

Thanks :+1:

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You should be ok in this situation, if you’re running the modded 4.1.22 GO app.

The RC doesn’t contain anything that can override the drone as such. If you ran the latest GO4 then yes, you’d lose a lot of your benefits :wink:

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Thanks Rich, I’m still a wee bit baffled about if it’s modded to FCC or not, :thinking: I’ve looked at your thread reference it and it does look like it is. :thinking:

Yes, confirmed, you’re definitely in FCC mode :+1:t2:

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