No fly zones

Will had a quick run around with my magic last weekend at work. I was a little suprised in the fact that my controller flagged Up a message stating I was in a cat d zone. Checked nats and didn’t find any reference to it. This was on the outlying areas of royal protbury docks near bristol. Any ideas

It’s hard not to be in class D airspace a lot of the time. I can’t remember a flight I’ve not had the warning.

For UAV under 7KG airspace classes do not apply.

What you must ensure though is that you are 5km from any airport, maximum altitude of 400ft and observe drone code.

Happy flying.

@Callum yep checked that looking at nats Bristol airport no fly zone finishes about 2miles from where I was plus I’m on the levels next to the estuary. No planes that low as they have a higher flight path due to airport being on top of hills. Is there a way of checking the flight areas that too has on its data base?

Not sure what you mean mate.

I use drone assist app. I switch off class D airspace as it’s not relevant to under 7.5kg drones.

The circles you are left with I stay away from. Should also show TFRs.

If you want to see DJI nfzs I think it’s on their site. You can’t take off in a dji nfz but being outside it does not automatically mean you are within the law.

Bottom line is 5 km (3.1mile) from any airport and follow drone code.

@Callum thanks for the input Will check out the dji nfzs. I also use drone assist so gonna have a play in the settings.

UAV forecast app allows you to filter to only DJI Nfzs.

It’s good for seeing actual DJI nfzs but would rather go by drone assist when chosing where to fly as I’m not sure UAV forecast shows UK TFRs. (Temporary flight restriction) or NOTAMS.

@pilningpilot - don’t get overly concerned about airspaces.

The UK is covered by one classification of airspace or another (A-G and two are completely uncontrolled - in fact from memory two of those (G and one other) aren’t even used in the UK).

An airspace is NOT a NFZ, it’s merely a warning/piece of information re the area that you are in. In your particular instance, and as @callum quite correctly states, flying your Magic on a Class D space places no requirement on you other that adhering to the Drone Code. If your machine was in excess of 7 kg then you must inform the local ATC of your intention to fly and when you intend to stop.

You can view them here, Jon (DJI login required for this page):

I’ll guess you were just within this outer green circle when you saw those warnings:

yep just down on the edge of portbury docks this flagged as a yellow area but doesn’t show up on the nats drone safe app, just curious that’s all

And of course thanks for all the input. much appreciated.:+1: