No seagulls were bothered during the making

Fun at the cliffs along from Lyme Regis… fingers were shaking quite a lot but I managed to get a few seconds of reasonable footage. Sorry about the track, only had 26 seconds of free music that wasn’t a ring tone on this phone so just had to loop it…


'cuse my french but FANFUCKINGTASTIC !!!

One of my favouritest places in the whole world- don’t like the looks of some of those cliff cracks though…

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Do your props always show?

Yup, flying a diatone 349 so no second camera. Just the runcam. Small price to pay for the compact body

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Ah right, does the camera have enough resolution to crop out the props if need be?

You may be overlooking that this is posted in #videos-fpv (Videos by Racing Quad and FPV Drone).

So - cinematic excellence is not an objective.

A small, lightweight, and almost indestructible (these guys don’t always return to earth like the owner of a Mavic Pro will be needing) camera is used.

Likewise, no gimbal. Gimbals are more weight and “delicate” little things.

I’m not overlooking anything. I was interested to find out if something out of the ordinary was caught on the camera, could the props be edited out to to improve the end result.

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Anything CAN be edited out of anything.

I actually quite like seeing them in these vids. Kind of expected.

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Yeah you could crop, resolution is pretty good for what is a really tiny little unit and looks good on a full size TV. . The camera plus lens is the size of a thimble. Pretty amazing really…


Real nice flight. It’s harder than it looks.

Nice stick work, Tom. If your fingers were shaking it didn’t show. I really need to dig out my long range 5inch quad and get some footage, yours has inspired me.


Excellent :+1:

That wasn’t even long range…! Straight forward 3" with usual 200mw vtx setup. I DO have some tbs gear waiting to be setup on my 5" as soon as I get a chance… THEN we’ll have start having some fun!

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Out of my fleet I only have one quad setup to carry a HD camera and that’s one of my Vortex 285’s. I call it a long range, or endurance, quad as I’m using EzUHF on it and it carries a 2200mAh battery with room to spare. By today’s standards it’s quite dated as the Fusion Gen1 FC is just a fancy Naze32 F1 board but it suits my slow reaction times.


And I thought I was doing quite well being techie and impenetrable! :bowing_man:

But could be as a result of seeing a UFO or similar :grimacing:


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:scream::scream::scream::scream:that was a bit ruff​:rofl:

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In 1952 US fighter jets encountered two chavs like this in the sky above Bermuda. They were never heard of again… :space_invader: