Noob to drones fishponds,bristol

Hi new to flying ,here to pick brains of experienced flyers about where to start ,where to fly ,want to fly safely and legally
Excited and awaiting arrival of my first drone but apprehensive after seeing all the rules and regulations as to where ill be able to learn safely without getting in trouble :grin:

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Hi @Si_jjrcx11, welcome to the forum :+1: If you’re new to drones I would recommend first reading through the drone manual and begin flying in a large open space free from people to start with. The rules can be overwhelming if your new, the main rules are in my opinion keep your drone 50m away from buildings, people animals vehicles. Keep it in your line of sight at all times. Don’t fly higher than 120m. Don’t fly near airports, prisons or in any flight restriction zones (there is an app called drone assist which can tell you where these are as well as many websites). Also if your drone weighs more than 250g you have to register with the CAA before flying, you need a flyer ID and an aircraft ID which you can get online at Registering a drone or model aircraft | UK Civil Aviation Authority, there is more info about it there as well. Hope this is useful and if you have any questions just ask :+1:

Also you will need to label your drone with your flyer ID when registered

Thanks for the replys guys and yes thats basically why I joined up to ask questions

Ive not taken the online theory test yet drone hasnt arrived yet as soon as it does ill pay my £9 registration fee an get liability insurance

Hi Simon / @Si_jjrcx11, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

There are a few members that have a JJRC drone, though only one other has indicated also having the X11.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the woods.

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Welcome aboard!


Just to clarify things a little about registration. There is no aircraft ID. If your drone weighs over 250g you will need to register yourself as an operator and get an Operator ID, and you and anyone else who will be flying the drone will have to register as a flyer and get a Flyer ID.

To get the Flyer ID you will have to take and pass an online test. There is no charge for a Flyer ID and it is valid for three years.

The Operator must be over 18 and is responsible to ensure that anyone flying a drone over 250g you are responsible for has a valid Flyer ID, your Operator ID must be labelled on the drone. There is a £9.00 fee for the Operator ID which is valid for one year. The drone itself is not registered but you as a drone Operator are registered.

The link Registering a drone or model aircraft | UK Civil Aviation Authority gives you further information and links to the test etc.

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Sorry, I meant to put operator ID not aircraft ID and yes it is the Flyer ID that needs to be on the label not the operator ID, my bad :hugs:

Cheers took the test 19 out of 20
So have both id’s I require :+1:

That looks like quite a reasonably priced drone. Looking forward to seeing how well it does and the pictures that come out of it. :+1:


It is the Operator ID that has to be labelled on the aircraft, not the Flyer ID.

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Welcome to the group, you will learn a lot from these guy’s

Operator id on aircraft not flyer ID but always carry flyer ID with you

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Welcome to GADC Simon, great bunch on here and it doesn’t get too rowdy as long as we keep taking our medication… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Welcome Simon to GADC, Plenty of brains to pick on here.
We all have tips and tricks to get you flying (when we are finally released from solitary!).
So ,if you are not sure about anything then pipe up, and someone we’ll be able to help.

Thanks for all the great welcome messages
I think before I even venture out im going to print off all nesaserry documents so if I am challenged I can show Im a responsible and safe pilot
Check list
1.confirmation copy of flyers id and operaters id
2 copy of the drone code
3 BMFA membership card
4 when flying in recreation areas copys of permissions given by the local councils

Anythung else anyone can think of ?

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There is a lot of useful information available (once you are a Full Member) in the Members Only Area of the Forum.
I have together with other members input compiled a “GADC Members Information Pack” which has lots of Documents, Discounts,etc which you can access once you have attained Full Member Status.


Good luck with councils lol.
I’d suggest flying in a group to start with. Check the map to see who lives near you.

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Bristol council are pretty good there are designated areas in bristol for flying permission is already granted in these areas