Nooooo! Drowned my new Mini 2!

I don’t quite believe it. Just now, flying near a waterfall, I clipped a tiny overhanging twig, so small I could barely see it. The bird just plopped down into a pool! Lights stayed on for a few seconds and I fished it out straight away and pulled the battery out.

What next? If i strip it, I could probably save it, it’s fresh water. But it’ll void the warranty. If I claim on Care Refresh they may not pay as it was pilot error.

Any ideas?

My understanding is that under Care Refresh DJI doesn’t normally care about how the drone was damaged as long as you can ship them the damaged drone - someone who have actually used it should be able to confirm though.


Thanks Andrew.

See this:

The OP here had liquid damage and only needed to pay the corresponding replacement fee.


agree - claim on refresh.

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They do not worry about cause of the crash. Claim on care refresh. You have a fee to pay not sure what that is for the mini. Normally takes about 2 weeks from sending to you getting your new one back.

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Thanks all. I’ll try Care Refresh.

Not sure how much the care refresh is on the mini 2 but on the Mavic Air 2 it’s £69 for the first replacement and £99 for the second replacement, will definitely be better than a repair cost. Unless you do a self repair but then it’s finding official parts, I recently a mates mini, snapped arm and snapped usb port on the control, cost £40 for unofficial parts but you’d be looking at circuit boards in the worst case scenario so the refresh would be the best cost effective route in my opinion.

Where did you buy the drone from @ash2020

Can you have them replace it as faulty instead?

I’d be reluctant to have a brand new drone replaced with some old refurb when it’s only a week or two old :confused:

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I would say use the dji Care Refresh, I have read a few post on other sites where people have had the same kind of incident, The main issue on repairing or getting repaired that was brought up is that if any of the wiring or boards that seem ok when repaired and the repair works. They could corrode and fail in the future while in flight ?

I have dji care and if it happened to me I know I would pay the fee and get a replacement, just to be on the safe side :slight_smile:


Phil, I’ve just checked, it is £45 for the first one and £55 for the second, which isn’t too bad.

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Would the chances of getting an old replacement be scarce as the Mini is still quite new? I thought it was like for like, even if a refurbished unit.

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And for the 3rd and 4th?

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I got is from argos Rich. Now things change a bit, because I’ve spent the afternoon drying it by blowing a warm hairdryer up its a*se without the battery in. I’ve just tried it and everything seems to work! Battery charges up OK too.


Terry, if it happens a third time, I’m taking up flower arranging! You may not know but there was a certain incident a while ago near the Forth bridge… The last 5 seconds are the best!


I agree, there can’t be that many old refurbs about yet.

Just note that to get a replacement you will have to be able to ship them the old one. So it may not be worth continuing to fly the drone even if everything seems to work as you potentially risk losing the drone!


I bet @ash2020 isn’t the first to send one back thats been for a swim ;o)


Andrew, the thing is now, it seems to be working perfectly so won’t they just inspect it, charge me and send it back as no fault?

My understanding of Care Refresh is DJI issue you an off-the-shelf refurb replacement as soon as yours is received.

Yours then goes on the inspection pile where it sits in a queue to be assessed, it’s then refurbed and put back in to circulation some days / weeks / months later.