Norden Village and Reservoirs from Mount Etna (Yes really) (No not that Mount Etna)


Hi Graham, if you click on the share link in kuula you can paste it to here and it will show the images in a box within the forum.

Oh, OK, Thank you. I’m learning every day :slight_smile:

That’s the way :+1:

I can see my house in your photo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It appears that you posted the wrong type of link in that post.

Take a look at “Step 2” on Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC

It will provide a far better view within the post.

eg …

Either way, the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge has been added to your profile. :+1:

I think I got it right this time.

Looks spot on! :+1:

… and still a cracking pic! :wink:

In fact - it also adds the Ice Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1: