Norfolk Calling

Hi All,
I’m a first time drone owner after recently, just over a week ago, purchasing a Mavic Air. I’ve managed to get out about three times so far and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thought I would sign up and say Hi … Hi!

I am on the Norfolk coast so there will probably be plenty of videos of the sea, the broads, and the churches. Looking forward to learning from the more experienced amongst you willing to share your knowledge and some general chit chat and waffle.


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Hi @Paul_M and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

You probably picked the right time of year to buy, most of here have been grounded for months on end due to the terrible weather throughout 2018 so far :cry:

Here’s hoping that spring is just around the corner :+1:

Hi @Paul_M and welcome. Looks like there’s a nice little crowd building in this area now. As well as you there’s @chrisjohnbaker and me in Norwich, and @MikeO in the area too. We are trying to get the three of us together for a little mini-fly-in when the weather cooperates, you’re welcome to come play as well.

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Thanks @PingSpike and @PaperCrane for the welcome. Looks like the weather has grounded most of us. A get together sounds like a great idea, I’m just North of Yarmouth, give me a shout if you get something arranged.

Hi @ Paul_M,
A big welcome to the “Norfolk Leg of Greyarrows”, My name is Chris, I am one of the “Locals” here in Norwich.
And, as @Papercrane has already said, we are trying (in the not to distant future!)
to have Local meet up to exchange ideas, and a beer is always nice to chat over at one of our many watering holes !!.
I am a frequent visitor to the coast for a bit of “Mavic Pro & Mavic Air” flying of my birds.
You are most welcome to joins us for a flying day !.
Have you anywhere near you that you fly?,
I and @Papercrane and @MikeO, have been local to where I am, a lovely open area at the University of East Anglia Lakeside.
Are you an experienced flyer?, or a veteran of the RC world.
Once again welcome to the Norfolk brigade!, and happy (and safe) flying !
All The Best

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Thanks @chrisjohnbaker I am a total newbie, only had the drone just over a week. I have flown it on the beach in the evening after work when few people are around and also made a video of one the local church ruins. The beer sounds good :slight_smile: and always willing to learn. Give me a shout if you are over this way too

Hi everyone! I also live in Norwich and a student at UEA, I have got a couple of racing drones and very interested in meeting some new people and flying some new places.

If you guys are ever around Eaton Park or close by it would be great to meet up



Welcome to Grey Arrows @JamesFormosa :smiley:

Got any videos of the racing drones in action that you can share in our #media:videos section? :+1:

I would, however it is saying new users cannot upload attachments :(. When im not longer a new user ill get some up there


Videos you can upload to YouTube and paste the link here. :+1:

Thank you very much!

I know you are not supposed to fly drones that close to buildings but I couldn’t resist. The other video is me just practising flying low and making turns smoother

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Er James was it you in Eaton Park just before dusk tonight!,
I was over there with my Mavic at around 8.30 ish?
I was flying on the North Park side of the central run of trees and there was someone flying a racing drone.
If it was you you should have popped over and said hello!.
PS, I had just been fed, and don’t bite!

Just to say you Norfolk boys!,
There has been a lot of Hot Air Balloons go up from next to Bartrum Mowers on Bluebell Road, Norwich over the last few days.
There has been at least 4 launch’s in 3 days, sometimes with 2 balloons going up at a few minutes intervals.
My bet is that they will launch again this evening, assuming the Sun keeps out!
they usually get air bourne at around 7 pm, a great drone vantage spot is the UEA lakeside.
I live approx 400 yds from this field, and I will know wether they are launching approx 1 hour prior to take off, that is how long they take to get everything prepared for a flight.
If any of you Norfolk local are interested I will post here, as soon as I know they are setting up.
Feel free to take a chance and come along anyway for a meet up, will be nice to see you.
I will be at the UEA Lakeside, as usual flying whatever takes my fancy on the night!.
Message me if you are interested.

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Welcome, Paul. Good to have you with us. You’re in a great part of the country for drone flying, so flat and no obstacles. :slight_smile: You’ll definitely learn a lot from our experienced members but don’t forget, it always helps to ask questions. As for general chit chat and waffle, we produce that by the bucket load!

Sounds like a great subject for drone photography. Hope you’ll post some videos of it in the Media section. The meetups (and the beer!) are a super idea. Any chance you can move them a few miles west so us south-easterners can join in? :wink:

Thanks @Londroner we do have the flat lands which means we have to look for something interesting to film, still fun all the same.

Welcome @JamesFormosa!

Sorry I missed you @chrisjohnbaker. Had an early start the following day, so couldn’t really come out to play.

I’ve got quite a bit of footage I need to edit now. Most of it is going to be decidedly dodgy as I’m not much of a film maker yet. Whizzing the thing about backwards and forwards in a vaguely aimless fashion is great fun but does not make for very interesting footage.

Hi Russell,
Thought I would just pop you a line to keep in touch!.
How’s flying going?, done anything exciting lately?
Just had another Local Guy (Nathan) who is a Operating Theatre Technician (ODP) at the University Hospital.
He messaged me for a lesson or two with his Mavic Air.
Took him in the Park for an hour or so on Monday Morning, beautiful day, no one about (Mind you it was 7.15 am!!). Got him use to his Air after a few do’s and don’ts.
Really nice Guy !, another one to add to our Local Boys list for a meet up.
I gather his working hours are all over the place, as you would expect ,working for the NHS!.
I hope you have managed to get some decent footage from your recent outings. Always difficult to edit into something reasonable for viewing.
I hope Anisa’s Knee is getting better, she looked like she was struggling the last time I saw you.
Keep in touch, I am hoping to arrange a meet up on a Sunday before long, hope to be able to get a few of the Local Boys together for a Flying Meet Up.
Best Regards To All

Hi Chris, good to hear from you.

I’m building quite a collection of drone footage that I need to edit! We spent both bank holiday weekends this month exploring Wiltshire - megalithic stuff and white horses. I drew the line at flying over Stonehenge though. I thought that might be pushing it. I’ll be pulling together the videos for Anisa’s blog now and these will definitely include a whole load of droneage. Watch out for the helix over Woodhenge.

Pilot skills are improving. I think I’m going to turn down the sensitivity of the yaw stuck though. I still get a bit over-enthusiastic there.

Good to hear there’s another local! We definitely need to organise a fly-in / pub meet. We’ve got a little crowd now. I’ll talk to Anisa, sort out some dates that might work and maybe we can sort out a date that’s good for everyone soon. Maybe some of the other folks here fancy a trip to the Fine City?

Speaking of Anisa - back to the Docs tomorrow! Hopefully she will be told she can take the brace off. Fingers crossed. I think she might have a sense of humour failure otherwise…

Going to go buzz about around Whitlingham Great Broad on the outskirts of Norwich this evening if any of the Norwich / Norfolk crowd want to come out to play.