Norfolk GPS jamming from 11th to 22nd of February 2019


Heads up Norfolk folk !


Map courtesy of @OzoneVibe :


Fly over it. :stuck_out_tongue:



Not sure how wide a 20NM circle is around that?


20NM = 37 Kilometers? :thinking:



I wonder what life-critical devices there are in that 1,600 sq.miles that depend on GPS?

Probably a good day for the Russians to attack.


I would hope they have a backup / alternative system!

And for vehicle thieves - provided they can nick it in two minutes or less.


Some things don’t have backup.

Location is only a part of the issue.

Precise synchronisation at 2+ locations is often done by GPS time signal.


That’s a big area!

There’s an interesting ruined chapel at N Elmham I’ve flown round before. I’ll not go back this month then.

Ta for the heads up.


Just my luck ! My very first opportunity to fly at a pals place on the 14th (Thursday) who is at 10 o’clock right on the yellow line. Should I be worried? Complete beginner so faffing about as it is but the sun will be out - - - - Grrrrrr !! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Umm, might just be outside that area, sod it!, will just head to the coast, if need be !!


You’ll just have to head over here Rob ,for a fly about with me!


Thanks for the warning Dave, bloody typical, as the weather is supposed to be good around here later in the week !!:drooling_face:

i do wonder if this is the Yanks doing this testing, with the fact that Lakenheath and Mildenhall are just a few miles south of the test.
Two of the biggest bases in this part of the country !!.
Your thoughts @Manty ?, coincidence of you post a week or two back?


Would take you up on that Chris but people invading for the week so have to play the perfect host but I have told them I’m flying Thursday so make your own dinner (that’s good hosting where I come from):rofl:


Just head away from Wisbech opposite way from testing, and you should be fine.


So they are jamming 433-915MHz, 2.5-5.8GHz and GPS.

Seems like a massive operation and going to affect a lot of things on the ground.


Hundred of people totally lost as their SatNavs lead them down blind alleys.

:thinking: This might be a spectator sport! … checks diary


would not want to be on one of the phone providers help lines for the next 11 days.
“Why is not my WiFi working”


They’re only blocking GPS for a couple of minutes Chris - nothing else will be affected :blush: