Norfolk meet-up

Right you lovey lot. Shall we try and nail down a date for this? Being furloughed, I’m pretty much free whenever but a Sunday may be sensible to hopefully catch most people on a free day?

I’m always keen for a coastal meet up, but happy with whatever the majority want.

I still need to get over to Hunstanton to fly the lighthouse and along the beaches I though would be really cool.

Actually more importantly, @chrisjohnbaker are you able to get out and about now? As I don’t want to organise something you can’t attend.

Cheers all.


I’m in the Snettisham area camping on the 10th to the 12th if anyone will be about.

I’m up for a meet, I need to get out !, this being cooped up for 12 weeks and all the jobs around the house and garden are getting on my tits !.
I need some air time Guys.
LMK what ,and where, and who is up for it !.
If its coastal, think of the low tides to get the best sandy bits !.

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Went up to Hunstanton today for a reccy.
Took the drone but the 40+ mph winds put me off slightly.

I forgot how unimpressive the lighthouse was but the low tide was cool along with the guys surfing.

So I’d be up for it but I’m wondering if sea palling might be better as you’d have a chance at catching the surfers. :man_shrugging:t2:

Just a thought. Then maybe a different lighthouse or similar along the coast?

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Just watch out for Happisburgh !, if you do, make sure you ask the Beefy Guy in one of the two cottages at it’s base, he can get arsy about flying around without asking him first.
Had a run in with him a year or so back with @PaperCrane.
Where are you Russell?.

I’m back! See my other post.

‘FPVUK Examiner’?? Wassat then? Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on.

And a meetup sounds like a splendid idea.

Like London buses!!! Nothing for ages then three posts come at the same time. :wink:

Blimey! Oct '19 you previous post!!

#BackToNewbieStatus!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a resurrection banner Russell can have? :joy::joy:

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Haha it’s good to make an entrance.

The last time I flew was probably around then as well. I’m expecting there to be a ton of firmware updates I need to do.


Did you ever use your goggles?

Nope. Plan still remains to use them once so that I can say I did and then flog them. You interested?

Er?, I did acquire a pair of DJI Racing Googles a while back ,never used them ,yet?.
Nice to see you back Russel, hope everyone is well and safe.

If you are a member of FPVUK, I can mentor you and take you for your “Certificate of Competency”, (in your case Russell, we best start again LOL !.0

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Haha. They won’t pair up to the Mavic air 2 apparently. But there’s no way I’m good enough to use them. That and I’m certain I’ll fall over :joy:

I put mine on,Paired with Mavic 2 Pro and had a quick play, that’s as far as I have got !.

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Well a perfect excuse to bring them when we all meet.

Sounds like a damn fine idea. Must find the instructions…

Sooooo, getting back vaguely on topic - @UnluckyTimmeh was wanting to sort out a date. When’s good for everyone? I can do most evenings (except this Thurs), but realistically a Sunday might be best to get most people out and have time to travel? Not 12 July though.

Let’s go for Sunday the 19th then. Aim to meet at Happisburgh lighthouse, let @chrisjohnbaker work his magic on the fat controller and move on from there. Staying on the coast, we’re then not too far from Cromer or Sheringham (which might be more people friendly).

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