Norman’s bay

Yesterday’s outing at Norman bay playing with slo mo on Mavic 2


Don’t know why its not playing in 1080p

It is here. Once uploaded it can take several minutes before YT processes all the resolution options … starting lowest and working up.

GREAT subject for slow-mo!!! What factor(s) of slow does it do?

I love Normans Bay. I have stayed at the Camping and Caravan club site near there a few times and would happily go back again.


Just shoots at 120 frames but its wierd because the drone still flys at normal speed but cars waves runners all look great
I didnt notice till after how close the water was when the splashes came up level with the drone!
I ment to see if the active flight modes worked ok with 120 frames and also sports mode could be interesting tripod works ok

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120fps - rendered to 30fps = 1/4 speed. :+1:

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Can i have me coast badge plse and any others that are going spare

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I have a friend who has a house right on the beach

Does he want a badge too ;o)

Nice video by the way, great place to live I bet.


Done! :+1:


Yeh his house is called the old oar house lol quite apt for him as well

One thing i notice when i was hovering about three to five feet above the waves that was the mavic would sway with the waves i had obstacle sensors off but not sure if the downward ones was still on it was like a little dance , just glad it wasnt one two three dip

The downward ones, and precision landing, are the ones to have off if you are low over something you don’t want the Mavic to inadvertently land on! Too close and it goes into auto land.

yeh but as long as you dont hold the stick down it will ascend if it goes to low shame it doesn’t have a separate button to land rather than stick down and adjustments for sensors distance would be good to

Great use of slow mo
Have you considered splitting it up and stick on a stock site bet the first minute would be bought up

Just a thought

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theres another hour of it lol I stuck that together in the car on the way home with luma fusion and go4
should of made it shorter really it goes on a bit but i have loads of close to the water footage

Get it sold it may pay for beer money that’s if you have the PfCO
If not it would pay for that …
Worth a try you may be surprised
There’s a market out there
I am looking at starting doing some stock stuff but need to stop myself from stick movement which is my downfall at the moment it seems great I have what looks like a perfect shot click it to 2x speed and then notice a slight twitch which ruins the clip

I’ll get there soon …