North Tyneside Council trying to ban drones

BBC news has a story that suggests North Tyneside Council are talking about reviewing what people can do on their land , it follows complaints of drones being flown at St Mary’s Lighthouse Whitley Bay and goes on to mention balloon releases and flying lanterns. Not sure what stage this is at but sounds like more restrictions.

This is a link to the story


Also mentioned here

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So there are reports of drones crashing into said lighthouse? Or it’s a working lighthouse and the drone blocks the light from being seen at sea?

Maybe there is a foghorn and sailors can’t hear the foghorn over the noise of a quad flying past?

I’m not sure what they want to achieve that isn’t already covered by the Drone Code.

I should read the article now…!

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If memory serves, I think it’s a SSSI.

Thank you

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I think they forget that while we are there enjoying our hobby, we are also paying into the local economy by stopping off at cafe’s, parking charges etc. In all honesty, itll be the twitchers that frequent the car park that will be complaining more than most. I’ve had people trying to complain to me for having the audacity to go around the lighthouse to get photos on foot. “You’ll frighten the birds off” they say. Is that the same birds that dive down to eat my chips, i wonder :thinking:.


That is a beautiful image. Well done.

Drone scene doesnt say this is an SSSI and its normally spot on.

Didn’t think DS has an SSSI layer, this is the website to be checking

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That’s what I was thinking , Bamburgh Northumberland has a large sssi area and that too doesn’t show up so I think you are right @Doodler

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Look at the layers available in DS, no SSSI.

I thought it just came under NT land if it was a SSSI?

National Trust are nothing to do with SSSI.

Is the definative source for sssi … select statutory layers.