North West Autumn Meet - Sunday 5th November 2023 weather dependant

Hi All,

As talked about today, do we want to organise - weather depending - a meet up sometime in November, to try and capture Autumn colours in the trees?

Anyone got any locations they care to suggest, and a choice of dates?

Poll will give us potential dates, as for suggestions please add to the thread and we can then poll them once we have a few to choose from…


  • Sat 4th November 2023
  • Sun 5th Novemebr 2023
  • Sat 11th November 2023
  • Sun 12th November 2023
  • Sat 18th Novemebr 2023
  • Sun 19th November 2023
  • Sat 25th November 2023
  • Sun 26th November 2023
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Darnit I didnt hit the multiple button… If you can do multiple then please post it in the thread…


I’m keen but unsure as to what ‘she who must be obeyed’ has planned, but the 11th and 12th are a definite no.

FYI-These were from 3rd November over Windermere last year. It’s early October still and the colours are already changing quite dramatically here.
Just a thought but the back end of November might be too late.


Thanks for the heads up… There are much less changes to the trees here atm, and I am away from the 21st until the 29th on Skye and Lewis / Harris, so can’t do those 2 weekends, hence why the idea of polling for November dates…

Happy for someone else to organise a meet instead if there is an apetite for folks to meet before we get into November?

Peak time in most places is often first week of November. Saturday gives the possibility of Sunday if it’s a rainy/windy weekend so I’ll vote for 4th

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Ok, looks like most folks are rooting for as early as possible in November - before the trees are fully bare, so we will go with the 4th or 5th, weather depending - we can always delay a week or so if needs be :slight_smile:

Now, do we want an early start possibly with sunrise, or a later one incorporating a possible sunset?

And where do we want to go?

Suggestions in the chat please and I will set up a poll at the end of the week…

Current suggestions -
Beacon Park disused Golf Course Wigan (lots of trees)
Wigg Island - Runcorn (some trees and bridges)
Sow Brook Park - Lymm (2km walk, some trees and ship canal / Thelwall Viaduct
Carrington Moss - 1km walk (trees and fields and the Gas burn off tower)

And anywhere else that folks want to suggest? Where has good forests and trees that we can capture? Possibly with ruins or water to give us something else to capture? Get your thinking hats on!!


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St Helens Dream is a good place to fly, just avoid any busy times.

St Helens Dream


Ok, will add that to the list when we set up the poll…

For info, Parkrun usually takes place at Dream so parking will be difficult 8:30-10:30 on Saturday mornings

I prefer early sunrise start - especially now with the shorter days. Also fewer people around.

Sunrise on the 4th is almost in line with the Mersey Gateway Bridge… 715am for sunup, 5.56am for twilight…

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That’s a good point. I actually make the angle a little bit further to the East which means getting the sunrise through the bridge a bit tight but possible. Not a bad angle for sunset.


What app do you use to check sunrise and sunset please? I had one on my phone and it was rubbish.

I’ve just realised what shot you’re thinking of Suzanne!

I use The Photographer’s Ephemeris - it’s perfect for our needs

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You will not get me anywhere for sunrise, ever :rofl:.

Sunset … maybe!

Nowt wrong with having 2 meets on the day, one first thing for sunrise and another for sunset, if needs be… I often see sunrise as Lee @dobby is up for 5am for work…

I quite like the idea of the Wigan venue. Got a mate up there who I could pop in to see. He might even be interested in coming to the meet. He bought one of those cheapo drones ( £29.99) Flew it once and lost it. :joy::joy::joy:

Ok, a thought… Wigg Island for sunrise for the early risers, followed by Wigan Beacon Park for 1030am for the main meet - all weather depending?

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