North Yorkshire meet up Wednesday 5th September


Well im up for meeting here as Mick suggested, aiming for 12pm. Ill probably be a little early as i plan to set off around 10am. Lets hope a few more attend, should be a decent meet up.



Any chance for a newbie to the forum to tag along??? Ribblehead is about 30 mile away from me so not far



Of course Howard.
Meeting at 12 at The Station Inn.
See you there. Will send you a pm now with my contact details.


The more the merrier Howard welcome aboard see you there


Just charging my kit, hope its nice weather, see you all tomorrow.



Looking good weather wise Matt see you there


Have a Good One Guys!


We had a great meet up today at Ribbleheaad Viaduct, 5 of us turned up plus Howard’s Wife :slight_smile:

Im going to sort out a mini video from what i filmed at the meet.

Will post once its ready.



We did Chris
ok quick rundown of the event will up the video later once I have edited them into some sort of order
ok we had @TheWood1978 @Yorksnproud @mickydd @hipplew and his lovely wife

ok we met up at “The Slaughtered Lamb” I visited the toilet (to much info but its an age thing while Matt ordered a drink, when I came out the landlord was telling Matt about the Drones being shot out of the sky… one of those WTF moments I am sure @chrisjohnbaker well understand so I did the diplomacy bit (no I F*****g didn’t) he was on one until I explained we can take off from any public footpath or road legally also if “the local Farmer” where to shoot the drone down we would get the police involved (prick) I then pointed out I was a Pilot and had insurance and understood the law which he clearly didn’t and was doing his own business out of much needed custom

Anyway we had a great afternoon (we did eat there and he was a lot less dickish later on)
Sorry Howard I didn’t get chance to chat with you before you had to leave hope you both enjoyed it anyway.
photo of our second flight after lunch all 4 drones up and some unusual landings (Isn’t that right Matt)
also Mick and Matt also had the chance of a swing Mmmm


Top day out.
Not sure if it is the reflection from the sun or is that a small scratch on the roof of your car Matt!!!


Ah - I see 5 people! There’s you, and you, and you, and you, and ewe! :+1:


That reads so wrong on many levels ;o)

Night shift got in the way otherwise I would have joined you


you would have been welcome Chris

ok I have to ask would you be up for a meet at one of the power stations near you
I few years ago I arranged a meet up via a Flickr group I was in for a dawn shoot and the place was completely covered in fog…
just thinking maybe a dawn or late evening I am sure @mickydd would be up for it too
for the competition what do you think?


Deffo to a meet, I’ll check my diary for shifts etc and PM you.

Might be best to do a late notice thing if you can do that, the stations around me especially Drax has a micro climate all of its own, so while it may be sunny 5 miles away its raining around the power station.

I’m on the door step of Drax and 5 miles from Eggborough, 10 miles from Ferrybridge.

Drax sun set/rise times for the month ahead


Well Thanks for letting me tag along today oh and the Rottweiler as well (The Wife) just a shame I couldn’t stay longer but seeing as she decided to come along had no one to pick my son up!!!
Had a great time apart from not checking that everything was fully charged (pad) but hey we all do these daft things



Was good to meet up Howard.
Sorry we didn’t have much chance to chat.
See you at the next one mate,


Anytime’s good for me Chris only thing its about a 1.5 hr trip for me so its that micro climate issue plus traffic in the evening what with Manchester and Leeds
still would love to do it


Happy to make one in.


I would also love to do it also !, it’s about 3 1/2 hrs drive for me (allowing for a “P” stop!)
I’ll have a look and see what commitments are coming up over the next week or so. (I have the Wife off work at the mo, with a bad back) (she done that when we were in Chichester ,the other week !)
If it hadn’t been for that,I would have been with you today!.
To be honest Early day (Dawn) would better for me, the road going North is a nightmare otherwise (mostly single carriage, till I get to Newark !.)


Dawns good for me, being a shift worker the normal clock has no bearing on me :wink:

To be honest the light is generally better anyway then.

These were taken over the weekend walking the dog after night shift (0630 ish) iPhone 6.