North Yorkshire meet up Wednesday 5th September

Hi all

Ok had a chat with @mickydd and have agreed a meet up at or near Bolton Abbey next Wednesday the 5th from 12pm onwards
So is there anyone else up for it?


Another Yorkshire meet. Looking forward to it.

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I’m up for it.
Just trying to rearrange some plans to get there.

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Let me know if you need a lift Dave, no problem, am only down the road.

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Might be a bit short notice for time off work but I do fancy it yeah.

I’ll collect you Mick, you’re on my way.

Looking good for another big get together
I have an appointment at 9am with the Ostiopath so can make 11.30 ish if that ok with everyone

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Perfect. Thanks Dave @Yorksnproud.
Will send you a pm early next week with details

Mick found this in faq on bolton abbeys website
Will look around on map see if we can’t do a take off nearby will speak on phone with them Monday or find an alternative nearby I don’t want to upset them

Morning Jeff. Public footpath then. Am sure there is a car park on road between Devonshire Arms and Abbey. Just checked Strid Woods Car Park down by river. £10 a car. Bloody hell. We won’t be using that. Am sure we will find a spot to park up.

Ok all
After a chat with @mickydd we have discided that because of the no drone ruling at bolton abbey and the fact that the nearest car park is a tenner we have change our venue to drum roll
Ribblehead Viaduct
There is a pub close by for nibbles and a drink
So @Yorksnproud @TheWood1978 sorry for the mess about but hope you can make it weather doesn’t look bad see below

Hey Up Lads

Well ive just booked the day off, sorted Grandparents to look after the troublesome lot and ill be heading over to Ribblehead Viaduct to meet up.

So what time is officially the time?

Its looking like 1.5+ hours or so for me to get there so need to agree a time.

Also who is confirmed as attending?


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Now then Matt.
The following are confirmed, @Yorksnproud @mickydd @sparkman999 @TheWood1978
Dave is picking me up on the way, we will be there for 12.
We could meet at.
The Station Inn
Ribblehead, Low Sleights Road, Carnforth LA6 3AS

Would love to be with you Guys !, but a 10 hr round trip at my age would turn me toes up !

You know you want to
Could miss a you can’t do that here

Chris, The Station has a bunk room, shall I book you in for a couple of nights?

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I will be wearing a carnation and a smile …

Well ,as you said Jeff on the phone this morning!.
I have enough Drones/Batteries to fly for 8 hours !!

We could have a “Brief Encounter” Moment Jeff

Believe me @mickydd, if I thought for 1 minute I could make it, somehow, I would !