North Yorkshire Police - Drone Incidents FOI request

So I thought I’d ask the local police for a FOI request to ask how drone related incidents they have been to ( I get bombarded with FOI at work so I thought I’d turn the tables), got a response within about 6 weeks (not the most timely, but they did keep in touch and say they are very busy)

Interesting reading

If you’re bored, perhaps you could ask the same of your local constabulary.

FOI Response 0856.2019-20.pdf (625.4 KB)


It’s a little vague. Police could be using drones to investigate a crime. Am I reading this correctly?

How on earth does someone use a drone for shoplifting? Sent shops to heavy to lift ?


And to do it twice!


Not on your lipos!

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It doesn’t say they used drones, just that drones were involved. Could be someone nicking a drone from a shop.


@milkmanchris Your going to have to ask a more specific question :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Need new lipos. So will be selling off the old ones soon

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Top job mate :+1:t3:

So if I’m reading their response correctly, there was one harassment and one stalking claim made. And that was it?

And going by their vague search-term FOI match, even those two might not be actual crimes?

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Interesting topic. If a good FOI question can be posed, and spread, it may keep the councils on their back foot.


Good point, it’d be interesting to ask councils a similar question?

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I have a feeling they’d fluff and side step.


But it’s a very promising shot. Brain thinking…


Do N Yorks police use drones themselves?
I guess if they do then these figures don’t include their own usage.
Considering how much bad press drones get generally I think these figures are pretty low. Perhaps with that area being predominantly rural the public don’t see many drones around and if they do they aren’t particularly bothered.
I wonder what pre planned events are. Now when I do a job near or over a congested area I always ring the police and let them know where and when. They tell me that this is appreciated as if they get calls regardig the drone then they can simply say they know about it and it’s legal. Saves them having to send someone out to investigate.

Yes mate:

I think the opposite may be true with 18x “Admin Pre-Planned Events”, coupled with their quite poor research in to the actual FOI request (ie. just searching everything for the word ‘drone’).

The headlines though are 5 crimes reported.

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It would be interesting to get a perspective whether or not these incidents were justified to be investigated? It seems a very few compared to the Armageddon by drones that has been forecast by the media.

Someone sent a FOI request to Strathclyde police few years back for the term “Buckfast”.

The drink was mentioned in an average of 8 crime reports per day over the requested period.

Looks like drone crime is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.


And the bottle was used 114 times as a deadly weapon ;o)

You know how to live in Jockistan.