Not a winter pano (but almost)


So last day I finally got the MP out the bag, what with the great weather (30 degrees) and celebrating my 50th here with family I just haven’t found the time.

Taken above our apartment block this evening at 1730. Costa Adeje Tenerife using Hangar


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50th? So, a Golden Age Golden Hour Pano! :+1:

Happy Birthday!


Oh I do like that! :+1:


Great shot Chris
Glad to see your having a nice time


That’s a great photo, super!


I’ll take this opportunity to welcome to GADC, my school friend and long time resident of Tenerife who is now hooked and will no doubt have his own media to share by the end of the year.

Cheers @davemichaels enjoyed showing you the Mavic (and the beers) shame the time was so tight.


Cheers bud, 20 mins that will no doubt leave me 2 grand lighter and many many hours of joyful frustration happier. I look forward to my first solo flight. Better still I look forward to having something to still chuck in the air for a 2nd one. All the best


Hi Dave/ @davemichaels - and welcome to GADC.

If you have a moment, perhaps you’d create an introduction post in #introductions ?


Will be interested to hear of your Tenerife exploits @davemichaels in regards to the drone laws over there.
I gather they are very fidgety about drones, or is that just the bad press/Youtube frightening people off !.


Re exploits…

Birmingham Airport, very easy. mentioned to security I had my bag full of cameras, including a drone and LiPo’s they said send them through in the bag and see how they go. All went well no further checks and it was exactly the same coming back through Tenerife South last night.

The chance didn’t really arise to fly, I was there with the Mrs and kids celebrating my 50th birthday (my in-laws spend the winter there so spent a lot of time with them too) and although the daytime temperatures hit the 30’s most days, a Calima was blowing (the warm wind that blows over from the Sahara) and golden hour times were especially blowy.

My friend Dave has lived and worked in Tenerife for 17 years and he runs a small production company and wanted to meet up and maybe fly to see if he could make use of a drone in his work.

He tells me, as I have read that the police are very keen on the drone laws especially around built up areas and even more so on people flying over beaches (big privacy thing). He has even had issues filming on beaches with normal equipment.

The area around Los Americas is very built up so my plan was to show Dave the drone from the back of our hotel, not ideal but it gave him some idea of what it can do. Had I gone in the summer months when the days are longer, I’m sure I could have gone a bit further up the coast in the early morning without any hassles (as in Portugal and Greece earlier this year).

I’m sure @davemichaels will be making a purchase very soon, and will share some exploits, I might even convince the Mrs that he needs a couple of lessons on my next long weekend off work ;o)


@milkmanchris bet your glad to be back…NOT


Jeff, the washing pile is higher than Teide and the Mrs ‘remembered’ a lunch date with her sister, how convenient.

At least the dryer is warming this end of the house ;o)


Is pearly grey oceon club still going …we used to have an appt many many years ago