Not mine - FPV

You seen that YouTube video of the race drone landing on the train in the states
Fabulous flying
Will dig the link out later


Maybe this one?


That’s the feller

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Love the train one.

This is another of my favourites


Wow, that made me dizzy just watching.

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Ok few more. Could watch these freestyle videos all day long.

These ones are genius and he calls it freestyle (cine)

This one’s pretty impressive in the fact a lot of the shots make great aerial video.

And a compilation of his footage. Love the way he mixes freestyle with scenic landscapes. The over water shots are mind blowing. One for the big screen.

Last one. Speechless!

If those don’t inspire people to get out and fly then nothing will.


I thought these videos were worthy of a new thread guys so posts moved over.

Feel free to add any and if your only going to watch one make it the drift video above, the camera angles are so surreal it’s almost like a video game.

Hang on!, just want to pick my jaw up from the floor !
WOW !!! what videos !!.
If you didn’t know ,you would swear that middle one was CGI !!.
Watching the middle video has given me motion sickness “Where’s that bucket”!

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Yep, I’m really loving that style he does.

He mentioned in one of his videos that he is concentrating on commercial videos using racing quads.

Being so impressed with that last video I’ve preordered a Hero7 Black :open_mouth:

Stabilisation looks superb.

Go pro should use that footage in their advert.

I have to say I am seriously impressed with that drifting one! That is some skilled controlled flying.

Let me know how you get on with the Hero7 please. I’ve got a Hero 5 Black I use for my wife’s travel blog, but I’ve never really found a setup I’m happy with. I use a gimbal for stabilisation, and an external mic for sound quality and to counteract the gimbal noise. The setup works, but it’s bulky and heavy.

I’ve seen the reviews of the Hero 7 that say the stabilisation is excellent, but the warping around in edges can make it look a little weird. I’m considering moving to the Hero 7 and dropping the gimbal, but I’d be interested in hearing from a real world experience before I shell out all that cash.


I’ll let you know how I get on mate.

I currently use Yi4k+ and gimbal so will be comparing it to that.

I know they say the stabilisation is good on Hero 7 but I can’t imagine it being a replacement for a gimbal if your moving or walking around.

It might surprise me though.

I’ll be mounting on racing drone as it’s only 116g and the GPS will let me have a speed overlay.



I’ve currently got a Removu S1 gimbal and Rode videomic. Good, but cumbersome and that stupid proprietary mic adapter that GoPro forced people to use is just horrible.

I will be changing this config - either to the Hero 7, or I’ll decide GoPro have forced me into one compromise too many due to stupid design decisions, and I’ll junk them in favour of the Yi4k+.

Jonny FPV

This has to be my fav video so far. Both Johnny and Nurk put out some great YouTube stuff. I also like the following channels. Some are freestyle FPV and some DJI guys with good channels and a talent for editing video:
Le Drib
Joshua Bardwell
UAV Futures - Stew and Grumpy Trev
Grumpy Trev
Andy RC
Ken Herron
Billy Kyle


Oh how I wish those skills…:sleepy:

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don’t you mean BALLS

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She took that away some years ago…:see_no_evil:


Crikey!!! Balls of steel!!!

They were most likely being paid to do this shot for something… They are heavily sponsored too. Both are DRL racers.

Here’s the latest from Johnny FPV