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Love this …



My Sister lives and works in the UAE, and Ive seen roads like this every time we have visited.

Its the only place I’ve travelled in the world where the Drone has stayed in the bag, although there are some braver than me that have shot some great videos on youtube.

One of my favourite is below from Rob Whitworth, check out his channel if you have not seen his work before (of course he had full permissions for his efforts)






Anyone else feel free to add interesting pics/videos, taken by drone, that you see around the web. :+1:


I must get myself to Iceland one day ….


Other frozen food stores are available :wink:


So annoyed that, last summer, I drove within 30 minutes of this old deserted Southern Italian hilltop town without realising until several weeks later.


What a cracker!!!

… and another from the same guy!

His account is worth following. At least it’s worth looking at!

(The underscores are preventing a link … get their from his pics. :+1: )

OMG - so many exquisite drone photos!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


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I know that! …. Brain was dead.


Actually - I think I was trying to get it in a OneBox and forgot because of that.

Of course, you’ve ruined my day by making my awareness of geriatric onset that more heightened. :wink:


You don’t need the tropics for a good pic.
Shetland Islands!

Some other excellent drone photos on that dedicated “Shetland by Drone” account.


This guy takes some good drone pics around the UK … mainly coastal.

Example … and this looks seriously windy …


Cripes! I can imagine people enter this intersection and never find a way out!


Bloody hell :scream:

And I thought the magic roundabout in Swindon was mental :rofl: