Not mine


… and considering the focus is off in the first half, I’m surprised it’s been posted by DJI themselves.

But a great example of the stability of these toys of ours … a Spark in this case … for a timelapse.

(Edit: Strangely, the focus issue isn’t seen here … )


Another drone post in Instagram that’s really good!

Next GADC challenge? :wink:


Another person I follow on Instagram because of their drone pics.
He ca be a bit repetitive … but usually excellent.

OK - that was from a helicopter … but could have been drone. #Oops


Feel free to add other drone pics/videos (taken by drone) that you see around the net that fit the “Not Mine” theme. :+1:

Please always ensure the originator is acknowledged or in the linked post.


I’m not sure if I should try this Instagram malarkey or not…

I did the whole social media thing years ago, call me a miserable git but I soon got fed up looking at people posting photos of their lunch, the coffee shop they were currently in, their kids, etc. So I binned off all my socmed accounts.

Trying to resist :slight_smile:


You’d best not seek out my Instagram account then. LOL!
#BBQ and #Steak was this evening’s offering. :+1:


Ha! No way!

I rest my case :blush:


It was a 500 gram steak! Very rare! LOL


To be fair, at least my Instagram bio is accurate …
#F1, #MotoGP other motorsports.
Food, wine, craft beers, #Coffee!
… and other things that happen by.”


This account is pretty much all drone pics … many really excellent.



Probably a little difficult to replicate this in the UK.



That camel one is incredible! Do you think they set out with that in mind or got it by pure chance?


As someone famous once said “The more I practice the luckier I become.”

Seems to be a top photographer, so probably the former. Might have contacted “Rent a Caravan”. :wink:


Easily one of the best drone shots I’ve seen.


There are some sunning ones out there.

Some of the best curated by :


Another pic that’s not easily replicated in the UK. LOL!

Not only a pretty picture … but I now SO want to stay in one of the bottom two villas that each have a slide down into the sea. #Sigh #Dreams


Hmmm … :thinking: … there’s a massive car import/export facility in Southampton … :wink: :wink: :wink:

More useful is that I know someone that works there. :+1:


My inner child would be soooo tempted to park all those coloured cars in such a way that from the sky they spelt out “WTF!” or something :blush:


Nah …. “GADC” :+1:


For the OCD amongst us… just look at that grey one amongst the black :wink: