Not mine


Yup - know it’s still there - went around it a few weeks back.
Actually, the Swindon one was created a short time before the Hemel one … I discovered after than post.


Another seriously interesting Instagram account …

The latest post on the account …

Do you know what it is yet? :wink:


Thought I was looking at a load of bees for a sec.


Seems to be a load of cars in a car storage, of some sort, some of which had caught fire.


Another from the same photographer.

I must try some of this “dusk / town” photo lark! … even if it not in Milan.


New lawnmower.


Insane skill!


At first I thought I was looking at a drone with a lawn mower attachment…then the realisation .
That looks impossible !



This redefines the idea of drone hyperlapse! Totally amazing!!!


Love that!

Was wondering how they got some of the angles but it was filmed by johnny_fpv which explains a lot.


Posted some of this guy’s before. I hope he’s on commission from the Iceland’s Department for Tourism … because he’s selling it very well!



Anyone can add amazing photos/videos, taken by drone, that they see on the internet to this thread.
Please ensure there is a link to your source and the photographer is credited.


I think you might be the only person here on Instagram :blush:


Then that’s a shame … because selective following means you see some very inspirational posts.


For example! This is beautiful! A post from someone else I’ve linked to before …

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How did I miss that thread :thinking: :blush:



One day I’ll get to spend time in Ireland.
When I see this kind of photo I’m embarrassed to think that my knowledge of the country is minute and consists predominantly of Potato Famine, Orangemen and IRA - when it blatantly has so much more to offer.

I would add that this guy’s Instagram account is rather damned good! Lots of really inspiring drone photos, and what aren’t taken by drone are superb! :+1: