Not mine


Not really, thinking of selling soon.


Photography porn


There’s some serious money there for sure.



One day I’ll get to spend time in Ireland.
When I see this kind of photo I’m embarrassed to think that my knowledge of the country is minute and consists predominantly of Potato Famine, Orangemen and IRA - when it blatantly has so much more to offer.

I would add that this guy’s Instagram account is rather damned good! Lots of really inspiring drone photos, and what aren’t taken by drone are superb! :+1:


As an Irish passport holder I am qualified enough to say that yes, yes it does :slight_smile:


I did know that, really, I guess. But when it comes to spending money to go somewhere it’s not a lot more money to go somewhere like Italy … which has more predictable weather, great food/wine/etc.

Likewise, as someone that went skiing every winter (sometimes several times) between '65 and '05, I’ve never skied in Scotland. In the early days it was actually quicker to drive to the Alps (even allowing for ferry!) and it was only slightly more expensive … and the snow/mountains were always predictably far better.

I need to visit both …. one day.


@PingSpike i bet you got a caravan too:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Clever stuff!


I think someone stole my idea for the ideal location to live post-Brexit.



The guy that took that has an interesting account with a large number of drone pics. Quite fascinating!


Another of his …


He’s good! Love this!






Some excellent drone work in this clip … that could just have easily been in the #MotoGP thread …


Another from this guy. He’s making my travel itch …. itch!