not new to the hobby, but to the site

Hey, im not new to drones, been flying racing drones for nearly 4 years now. Came across your site the other week when I was looking for new places to fly/video.
I’m from Crawley.
Mostly fly racing/ freestyle setups (built not bought)
Own a mavic air for the relaxing days.
Some people might of seen myself and another at shows last year, we done a few xclass displays, I think headcorn was our last show.
I have seen one name on here I know, wyntablue (think i spelt that right)

But good to meet everyone and safe flying!


Welcome to the club. I’m sure you’ll find many great locations to fly around

Welcome! And tagging @anon34183503 :slight_smile:

welcome to the greyarrows :slight_smile:
nice to know my name is know out there. Hope your a subscriber :slight_smile:


haha na id seen your name on LDO, im sure of it.
I fly with tonstar alot.

thanks for the welcome

Ah yes Iv been on ldo a few times and usually dive into the chat when I get to watch.

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Thought I had the right person haha. I haven’t been in the chat for a while.
Good to see a fellow LDO sub in here though

And I’ve now subbed lol

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