Not sure about taking to local swimming pool!

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Is that real?
If so it’s insanely cool

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Just saw vid on Twitter and posted here.
I guess it’s real.

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Is it for them Len Fairclough moments?

hahaha showing your age…

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Seems quite cool tho. Don’t like the kick starters too much as a lot of em disappear and bye bye investment.

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Very true … but even if this one fails, it may advance the chance of a Thunderbird 4 Drone. :+1:


I can see several problems with this one.

Plastic cover over the gimbal. Anyone who’s ever flown their MP with the cover on knows how well that works.

It floats. Ok. So how does it transition smoothly between above the water and under the water?

I don’t see how you could control it underwater as the signal would not travel more than about a foot at most before connection is lost. Hence why other underwater drones are tethered by a control cable. It must just b able to be dunked without damage

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The last Kickstarter i backed it took them two years to get a pack of cards to me… :exploding_head:

Looks like a cool concept, but real life usage i think will be the killer… Not for me!

I’m out :grinning:


I’ve barely got time to fly Thunderbird 3!!!


So what have you called the inspire?

I think someone needs to be called Virgil. :wink:

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The vehicle’s have there own wikipedia page for any geeks out there

Promise you won’t laugh…?

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Sorry I laughed a little bit.

Great name though.

Which made me take this pic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Had forgotten I’d taken it. But I did take nearly 1250 pics over the weekend!)

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