Nothing much of interest in my town, so a pano of the snow seemed exciting!

Was looking at @clinkadink 's proud post of his news article photo and thought I’d do a pano of our smattering of snow from my back door!

Mini 3 was at @ 80m but not sure if it was fully focused ok. Anyone care to comment?


Its a great town snow scene, but if you want criticism, I would have to say I agree. however it may just be the light reflection off of the snow playing tricks…
Is the the M3 or M3P??

Was that created by the Mini 3 or using the DNG’s in post?

Its a mini 3 Pro. Pano was working fine at weekend in the Cotswold but was only about 50m up there. Was in AF on both occasions. Probably take another tomorrow and see if its not the dreaded focus issue. :rofl:

@clinkadink it was mini 3 pro pano Chris taken direct from SD card into Kuula.

Focus seems fine. Can zoom fully in without any issues.

Maybe its just me; but hey I got an Ice Flyer badge out of it and its still under warranty! :rofl::rofl:

Zoomed out it’s creating some Moiré in places with some of the detail, it’s so in focus.

I don’t think it’s focus, but instead low resolution.

The DJI drones uses the compressed JPG to stitch the 360. Not the DNGs which a full of data and maximum resolution.

This is why I never use the one that the drone creates (on the SD card), but instead, I create it myself in post. There are a few tools to chose from, but I prefer APG. It does take more effort, but the difference is night and day :+1:

This may help.

Wow. Thx Dave, I’ve learnt a new word today (had to look it up, saw it in Lr but hadn’t a clue what it was for… :sweat_smile: and @clinkadink has blown my mind :exploding_head: with his workflow, but I’m a sucker for a challenge! :+1: