Nottingham/Nottinghamshire Meet up?

Evening All,

Just thought I’d post the question if anybody would fancy meeting up around Nottingham way in a few weeks time maybe when the weather improves hopefully? Would love to put some names to faces who I’ve seen on here the past few weeks.

Unsure how many members are located in East Midlands but I don’t mind travelling a bit out of Nottingham if a better location is found/better transport for others?

No specific time or place set in stone yet, just thinking of possible numbers of who would join.



Interested. Definitely.

@notveryprettyboy Great stuff, we’ll see how many others are up for it first then group decide where and when?

Where abouts are you from?

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I’m in Coventry. But I’m also willing to travel.

I am up for it.

Dependent on shifts etc, I’m always up for a meet.

North Notts best, I’m the arse end of the M18 but only an hour away.

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Great turnout from everyone :+1:t3: Probably looking at around mid February Sunday if that suits everybody? Will look at weather later down the line, see how it’s looking.

Regarding location, tricky one as Coventry, Northamptonshire are both South of Nottingham for @anon2022120 @notveryprettyboy and @milkmanchris is north of Nottingham. Any suggestions for possible locations we could visit which suits everybody?

I’m up for it :+1:
Like @notveryprettyboy I’m Nuneaton/Coventry but travel to Nottingham is no biggy
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Notts located so count me in! :+1:

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Great @Steviegeek @sunstone

Where have you flown around Nottingham @sunstone good for us all?

Look forward to meeting everyone

Just an idea… Bennerley Viaduct?

@notveryprettyboy Bennerley Viaduct is good for me, visited there a few weeks ago. Good place with open land. Have you flown from there before?

I haven’t. I popped a long a while back but there where horses near it. Would love to fly it. Depends if anyone has anything better.

Yes there was horses when i went but they was away from the Viaduct, They didn’t even notice the drone int the sky.

We can always wait and see what others suggest and group decidebut Bennerley is always a good idea.


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I’m happy with the viaduct :grin:

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I’d be up for a Bennerley meet too (being selfish as I don’t drive and the viaduct is only a 15min walk from my house). :grin:


Ive got to hold my hands up and admit to being a bit of a drone hermit.

Sadly ive not visited any decent areas thatd be good enough for a meetup. #mustgetoutmore

Ive been cutting my teeth from the back garden as im pretty lucky to have miles of open space beyond the garden fence. :+1:

So with that said the Viaduct sounds spot on.

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@sunstone looks like we’re all round your house then with that open land!:laughing:

Yes Viaduct seems to be the place for us all, possible dates I’m thinking of is 9th February or 23rd of February (weather depending) if that suits us all?

Others who have only just seen this post always welcome, post code is NG16 2YH to check distances etc.



23rd is good for me.


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Both are good for me at the moment.

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