NVIDIA Shield K1

Has any one had any experience with the NVIDIA Shield K1 with the Phantom 4 Pro, trying to choose between this and the iPad mini 4, any help would be useful as new to drones this year.

Hi @Dronic and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Pros and cons for each I guess.

The iPad (well, iOS) seems to be the better supported OS by DJI, there are no where near as many app issues reported by iOS users as there are droid users.

iPads cost more though…

Pinging in both @Creaky and @mavictinks as they both have (had?) the K1 :slight_smile:

= “there are nowhere near as many iOS users as there are Android users to report issues.” :wink:

4 Android devices used with the MP over the last 15 months … not one issue. :+1:

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Thanks for the welcome @PingSpike, I am an avid apple user being a web and architectural designer but my iPad is only wifi so no gps. Asked about the NVIDIA as a cheaper option and it did seem to get some good reviews but quite a few bad referencing the software not working properly with Go4 app.

Hi Dronic
just a thought but doesn’t the mavic have built in GPS
then just use a handshake to your phone via wifi?
but i could be wrong i usually am…well thats what the wife says

Hi @sparkman999, yes I’m afraid the wife is right, I have a Phantom 4 Pro.

You can get an external / standalone GPS receiver, I think @RaRaRasputin used / uses one?

On the rare occasion that I need to use GPS (e.g. with follow me mode or if I move location whilst the drone is in the air), I have a Garmin GLONASS Bluetooth device.

Thanks @RaRaRasputin I have been told they are unreliable and inaccurate, how do you find it?

More accurate than the built-in GPS on my iphone to be honest.

The few times I have used it it has worked fine for me.

Thanks @RaRaRasputin, I think I will give that a try for a while.

You don’t need gps on an iPad to fly. Just cache the maps of where your flying and your all set to reach the clouds. :+1:t3:

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I did use the shiled for a while but never felt happy with it, video would freeze momentarily. Recently switched to a second had iPad mini 4, no issues with it so far.

Thanks guys for all your comments, I have decided to stay with my iPhone 7plus for a while till I get to the photography show in Birmingham this year, DJI are going to be there and I will see what is available then.