NW 3rd and 4th Feb 2024 anyone

Anyone fancy meeting up on 3rd or 4th Feb from 10am

3rd was thinking Wigg Island
4th Was thinking Pickering Pastures

long range weather forecast not looking to good may all change.

Currently Sat looks dodgy weather wise, Sunday morning looks ok atm, but it is changeable atm…

Don’t forget there is an FRZ for Liverpool Speke airport round there… Whereabout is Pickering Pastures?

Loads of room :wink:


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Pickering Pastures?

Aircraft fly close by but you get lots of warning they are coming in as you see them coming from up river but I wouldn’t want to get any closer to FRZ

Did anyone go today and anyone going tomorrow?

If you fancy a fly about @Bri7 late afternoon let me know as will go over

Apologies we didnt come along, was busy with a project at home, planning out to build something hubby has wanted to make for a while, bit of woodwork and metalwork.

weather crap was thinking about it when the sun came out for 10 min at dinner

Will do mate, I’ll see how the weather looks

Weather not good we have high wind warning on my app so not going today

Same here - nipped out to see how it was and decided a day indoors watching the football was a better Idea :grinning:

Hi all

I went out today to a great location, started the drone one prop not turning bummer

Did a youtube search and found out if you turn it upside down and turn the motor the grit falls out, so back in the air

Gutted about the location fail today

Has anyone else had a jammed prop

Lastly am out all day tomorrow full bats and fair wind yippee

So where did you go

Its secret squirrel at the moment however I would like to try these locations for a meet up in the Northwest

Go on tour

Willington Power Station

Wainhouse Tower Halifax

The Ackworth water Tower Yorkshire

Barnsley Main pithead

The Old Lane Mill Halifax

Could be a tour with a few members depends how far people want to drive in a day and just take a few cars

What do people think

Could be good loads of great locations

Cheers Dave

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David @digitalman, please start a new thread for a new meet-up.

Not many people will be looking for a new meet-up in an old thread from last month :slight_smile:

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Will try a new thread

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