NW yuletide gathering

Well the weather has been she ite for the past week or so and intends to be for a bit more as well.

As people generally have commitments Xmas day ( weather will be shit anyway ) other visit the rest of the family or have family visit boxing day ( no you can’t sneak out for a craft flight) weather still isn’t guaranteed to be reasonable then either.

I’ve had a look at the long range forecast and Friday the 29th is looking at present promising.

Therefore. Sacha @sachasb and myself @stevesb would like to suggest Beacon country park on the 29th for a gathering of @group-northwest and others if they would like to travel.

I’m pretty sure we are all itching to get some packs ripped.


I’m in… Lee is working Weds to Friday, but his MIL is here, so she can either come along as a spottd, or stay at home and I will be able to get some time to fly without her… May I suggest wepark at the cafe, and then walk to the bench area, pretty close to where we were last time, but instead of turning right once through te gate you walk around the bluff and then to the bin, turn left then and there is a banch and some decent ground… But your choice, happy to go wherever…

unfortunately I’m away for a few days, so will miss this one :confused:

Can you what three words that for me Suzanne.

car park




https://maps.app.goo.gl/RzZeRxN9oeernPtx5 for the TOAL area - ///caps.indulgent.reds

Car park - ///breezes.narrowest.alienated

Myself and @jcbdriver will be there :blush:

That looks more accessible than where we flew on Wayne’s birthday so I would say that’s a goer.

the other area was a bit of a quagmire.(it had been raining for days)… I looked like a bog monster last time I trudged through there, the current location has path access, a stoned up area and a bench… it’s a bit busier for walkers being at a junction but everyone seemed friendly, no issues with ken or Karen

clump of trees in front, ridge behind, a gully either side, one tree lined for a challenge… and there are the fairways for vlos speed runs


Hopefully :+1:


Cool, Eric @jcbdriver made some great hoops for flying under, we have 4 of them - I am going to get some black and yellow tape on them and have some lights to adorn them with, so will bring them along and we can have some fun…

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Starting to sound like a plan.

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hope the weather is good to us cant wait.


Eric @jcbdriver I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

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Yeah. Why the hell not. About time I flew again

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Good you can help set my wing up. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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And don’t forget my sd card :grinning:

Thanks Wayne :blush:


Oh yeah. What was it? 64gb black or gold?

Will likely have to order one lol, might as well do straight to you. DM me address. Merry Christmas lol

Yeah cos did great with the wing at that location…

Haha. No worries mate… always scary flying one of those for the first time, and nice to have a few people around who have done it once or twice