Oil rig off Bournemouth beach


Was flying the Mavic along Bournemouth beach last Wednesday afternoon. ( was a video disaster )

Noticed a huge oil rig out at sea, just about visible, surrounded by sea-fog, looks to be about two miles out … maybe.
Asked an old local, he said that the oil rig has been there for weeks.

Will be back on the beach this Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather, might be good fun
to have a bash at a fly over to visit the oil rig.
This will not be a Litchi trip, I don’t know the position of the rig, so it will have to be a manual flight :cold_sweat: scary !

Is there a … Flying-around-a-working-oil-rig … badge ?


Fly it once, manually, and get an accurate position. Then you can use that to create an accurate Litchi Mission.

Believe it or not, the Spitbank Fort off Southsea is about 30m out of position on Google Earth.

Some notes on using Litchi

@opochka I’ve moved your post over to the #videos category :+1:t2:


Errrr … It’s not a video “by drone”. :wink:


Marinetraffic is your friend.

Latitude / Longitude: [50.65339° / -1.832637°]


Good idea! That has Lat./Long. info too, I assume?


Yes as well as movements for the past xxx days (for free) it seems its just drifting on its anchors


Perfect for a Litchi Mission then. :rofl:

Tho - probably not fast enough to make a mission that inaccurate.


I like Marine traffic, I’ve been trying to catch the wind turbine supply/assembler ships as they come and go into Siemens at Hull


Yup - I know Marine Traffic and used it myself in the past, many times, but never in relation to flying drones. I’d just not made that association.

A whole new arena opens up … :+1: :wink:


Oh right, I didn’t play the video as I didn’t have 25mins spare to watch it.

Eh @opochka :wink:


Trying to see how you pull the precise Lat./Long. from the app … other than just be reading it off the screen. Any copy/paste option I’m missing?

The drifting range is about 20m around the central point. Strong tides/currents around there - but still seems a lot.



Might be a bit further than you thought @opochka (latest platfrom position used at POI, nice car park to take off from as waypoint 1)

I dont think there is ;o(


National Trust. :roll_eyes:




Yeah - manned all year, toll for beach access back by the main road.

6.6km from Ballard Down / Old Harry Rocks …. which is English Heritage but rarely any of their people about. (I think I still have a key for the gate to drive on to the top … paragliding days perk. :wink: )


Language , lol’s .