Old Barn - Doncaster


Just a thought, Mark, and a personal preference … but, rather than just pasting the Kuula url, if you look at Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To it provides a larger embedded viewer (particularly for computer users).

There are also some tweaks that can be included …subjective, I know.

Big advocate of Kuula, but recently the stitch lines are becoming more obvious (have you found this too @OzoneVibe?), some images have the option to blend the stitch line, some don’t ;o(

Also safari has stopped playing nice when uploading, I’m having to resort to Chrome.

Not uploaded any for a while - not flown (in daylight) for some while - not been out in ages even without the drone, except for some midnight forays to bag C/2020FW(Neowise) into the G9.
Flew the drone last night in pitch darkness with the LumeCubes on … just for something to do during the 4+ hours … besides staring at the sky, counting satellites and seeing two amazingly bright meteor … alas, not quite fireballs … but close. (Must check the 1200 images and see if I caught it.)

Often check my Kuula feed - not noticed issues that I thought were Kuula generated.

Thanks @OzoneVibe yeh I was rushing could not remember which to copy and paste tbh but thanks :pray:

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