Old farm house

Mavic pro with Litchi .


Ok Shane which bit was litchi?
Flying through the farmhouse can’t be done with litchi I don’t think correct me if I’m wrong

If it was a programmed flight on Litchi, you’re 1000x times braver than me @shane9377 :scream:

Jeff, I’m guessing it was flown manually using the Litchi app, rather than GO4?

Flown manually .
I prefere Litchi as it slows things down a little . Had to turn the sensors off .

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Ah ok get it now

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All was done with the litchi app … Honest. I use this app over the go4 app . It was all done in manual . and a lot of perspiration . I tried with the Go4 and it was rubbish , Litchi gave me a more manageble flight .

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well done ,good control

Amazing to think a family lived there once and it was maintained and probably loved but is now a ruin! Must be a story behind it!

Great vid, where do you get your music Shane?


There is a story behind it . It was once on the Sutton Scarsdale hall grounds .
It is a public right of way now . The path runs straight past it .

The music was from independent musician but i usually write and play my own music .

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It was all done with the Litchi app .
Why can’t it be done with Litchi ? I always fly with it

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what i meant using waypoints
obviously that is not using waypoints

Haha. Nope .
Manual flying .

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