Oldtimers and MM S-mode? Not a poll

First time today that I tried S-mode and, bloody hell I nearly choked on my mini cigar. That thing took off like a bat out of hell, leaving me gawking down the LOS. Noticed somehow that this lightning of a drone was going tohit a tree in a split second or two I averted imminent disaster by gently manipulating orientation stick to the left only to find that I should have let go the right fast forward stick as fast and furious MM nearly gave me a very short (no1) hair cut. Having removed my white knuckles from the RC and regained composure (Just in time for 2 very good looking lady joggers who smiled at me), I forgot to change mode and once again this menace set of again, like a prehistoric bird of prey and was out of sight in just about no time whatsoever. Thankfully ascending and into a large field. Nearly dropping the RC I again composed myself and was finally able to go back to life- and nerve saving C-mode. My cigar was re-lit despite shivering facial muscles I brought “her” back in, shovelling my shaking knees back to my car nearby, wondering why I didn’t bring my hip flask for such a dire emergency.
Now to the question? Am I the only fool? :face_with_thermometer:


Some people strive to go even faster than that: Breaking the speed limit



.700 and ‘Super’ sport for me.

The DJI stuff is tame compared to the FPV the likes of @notveryprettyboy and co fly.


Must be bloody young hooligans :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

No for sure not we all do that and luckily I was in a very large open area with very few people around but it’s easy to get disorientated as it changes speed and direction quicker than your eyes and brain can keep up :joy::joy::joy:


I just knew you understand!! Unlike these young sprogs on here :joy::joy::joy: