Olivers Mount - Scarborough

Quick Mini 2 pano from the starting straight of Olivers Mount racetrack in Scarborough.

Tried a few times with DJIFLY, it kept failing due to the wind, Litchi did it first time, nothing done to the image, stitched by litchi and sent to iPhone gallery, then upped to Kuula.


Great shot, beautiful views. I’m just learning (on Olivers Mount due to space) with a mini SE (4hrs total), is Litchi worth me trying out?

For sure.

I’ve been an advocate of it for ever, and use it as my main goto fly app, its less bloated than the FLY app and offers plenty of extra features.

Check out the litchi threads or look on YT

Thanks! As a total newbie, I’m paranoid the SE will fly off never to return. I need to build up confidence flying by watching the drone too. Thanks for the tip and the link. Much appreciated.

I couldn’t get my SE much above 60m vertical on Olivers Mount before getting a weak signal warning. I thought it might be all the masts etc at the far end but you seem to get higher than me.

Will follow up your link now.


Thats about 100m straight up, I’m the white car on the ground.

The SE uses WIFI so will be affected a lot more by the towers etc than my Mini 2 that uses Occusync.

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I tried the"follow me" tracking around the circuit. However, the drone stopped at the trees near the start line. In a panic, I pushed the stick forward to bring the drone down (being new) It rose into the trees :frowning:

That makes sense. I’ll head that way in a year or two when I saved up enough!

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