OMG Whatever next

I wouldn’t advise getting these, but they do look cool (a wee little bit)


Want! :grinning:

Ebay - £20 - Ebay Link

Lol! No way!!

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Wow, trippy! Could be used for mass hypnosis at rock festivals. :slight_smile:

Who the hell buys these things …


Oooops! So that’s what that button does! :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, that should really piss the neighbours off ! :+1:

If only! I live 350m from the runway of an international airport! The Daily Mail would have a field day of that was sighted from a commercial cockpit! :stuck_out_tongue:
(I say “if only” because I can’t even takeoff in the living room, or garden for a hover an inch from the ground.)

You know as crazy as it sounds to buy these as I don’t know if I can trust them at distance but my kids will love to see these!

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The sixty-seven year old kid in me can’t wait for them to arrive! :grin:

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I saw these a couple of days ago look great only concern for me is how long do the battery’s last in them and are they changeable
Other than that I would agree very the inner child must have…

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Need for Air :-/

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:+1: :wink:



We need nightime video with some cheesy techno rave music as a backing track lol


Please do a video cant wait I may have to get some

Will do … when (a) it’s not -7C outside and (b) blowing a hooley! :wink:

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Lights! … Camera & Action after a daytime flight test tomorrow.
They should look awesome in the snow that’s promised tomorrow evening! LOL



Looks brilliant.
Would probably give me a fit if I watched them for too long.
Looking forward to the video

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I might need to obtain some //cough// substances to gain the maximum … benefit from them. LOL
Was going to do a daytime flight test, today, but snowing a little more than makes sense.

Look forward to seeing them in action.

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At last got around to doing a daytime flight test with these … although a VERY brief one, only a couple of feet off the deck, because of local … cough … limitations. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But no obvious vibration, either visually or in the 20 second video.
Hopefully get out at dusk (late dusk, perhaps VERY late dusk) soon, and give them a proper whirl and take photos/video.

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