On TV tonight -Sunday

Couple more TV shoes involving drones tonight. The first is more model aircraft but from trailer I saw some are using FPV goggles, and I am guessing multi roots being used to film

Battle of Britain: Model Squadron 8pm, Channel 4

Cutting-edge technology, bulldog spirit and, if we must, “German efficiency” are employed by British and German model aircraft pilots, dogfighting it out in the skies amid the kites and drones to recreate the Battle of Britain in this jolly new series marking the centenary of the RAF. Yes, it’s Robot Wars with Nazis.

Hidden Britain By Drone: Heatwave Special 7pm, Channel 4

Tony Robinson deploys his drones on a mission to show new finds emerging from a landscape parched by one of the hottest summers on record. All over the country, hundreds of hitherto unknown historic sites have been revealed from the air. What’s next for these hidden historic gems? Mike Bradley


Thanks Barry Norman :wink:

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:joy: With thanks to the radio times!

Just catching up with this.

One complaint! It should have been listed as a comedy! :wink:
So many geeky/nerdy people crashing so many model planes (outside the intended dog-fights, etc.,) is some of the best cringe-worthy TV ever!

2 eps down, 1 to go!

come on Dave !, tell me that woman in that program, is not a man!

That “woman” looks like an East German wrestler. Her wrestling name was Office Max and her specialty move was the 3-hole punch :fist_right: :grin::grin::grin:

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