One for the 3D printers

I know a few of you have 3D printers so I’d be interested in your thoughts on this:

I don’t know much about the plastics you use. Do you think this design is strong enough?

I’d say it may be strong enough if printed at 100% infill using PLA, but if it’s a single .stl file it will take hours to print.

Looks extremely flimsy so would likely break easily not to mention be troublesome to print…

All that flotation in the air stream would …
a) seriously hit the lift efficiency,
b) would seriously affect the stability in fast horizontal movement, and
c) I dread to think what it does to the decent stability … With all that drag at the bottom, it would be inverted in free fall, for certain, and at what descent speed it would flip I have no idea.
Definitely not to be used with Sport Mode … if at all.
But I look forward to the videos for entertainment!

It’s a single .stl file too large for my print bed, my slicer says 14Hr 41Min to print. I suppose if one is shooting cinematic over water and not out to fly fast and furious, it adds peace of mind that your beloved will not end up a submarine.

If I was planning on flying over water I’d make my design simple by using “say carbon tube round or square” for the outrigger, large pipe insulation lagging and married to a 3D printed mount to attach to the bottom of the Mavic. I’m sure there are better ideas out there though.

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With the CoG so high and all the flotation at the bottom (in theory!), the slightest ripple on the water would see it invert.

OK - it wouldn’t sink … and their are some miraculous post-submersion stories to be found … but I still think it’s putting excessive trust in something that is better designed to let you down.

My opinion. :wink:

(Watch mine splash into the water next time I fly. LOL!)

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Thanks for the replies guys, I think I’ll give this one a miss :blush: