One for the ladies?

Interesting article from an Australian female drone pilot that asks the very relevant question, where are all the female drone photographers?

We hear a lot in GADC about men persuading wives/partners/significant others about the ‘necessity’ of owning a drone but have any women actually joined in our shared passion? If you’re out there and, for your own reasons, staying quiet when it comes to posts, do make yourselves known. If not, why not?


We do have @elizabibb amongst our members. :+1: :wink:

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And @lauradaleytm flys a Mavic Air - not seen her around for a while though? :thinking:


Great article and have to say some insanely great shots too
Thanks @Londroner

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‘Tis true that you tend to see more US and Aussie female drone photographers on Instagram than from the UK.

Yup, I’m a lurker. Guilty as charged!

Pretty interesting article, thanks for sharing, @Londroner . I do actually know one other female drone pilot IRL, though we haven’t flown together. Her stuff’s way better than mine! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good to see you’re still around @lauradaleytm :+1:

They also have 1000x better weather than we do - it could simply be just that :smiley:

Hi @lauradaleytm. Thanks for making yourself known. Great to see we are appealing to everyone with this little club of ours. Don’t be a stranger. Let us know how you use your drone.

Better than we’ve got right now? It’s 34 flamin’ degrees outside my front door at the moment! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, fair point :slight_smile:

Brilliant article