One more for now

Turned a pretty uninspiring 180 panorama of an abandoned lime quarry near me into this nifty Little Planet.

Personally I love how it has come out, but each to their own.


I’ve not done one of then yet…but I’m inspired!

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I’ve moved it over to #panos. :wink:

You should look at Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To so that you can post it as an interactive one. :+1:

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It earns you the Birds Eye Viewer Badge for your profile, too.

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They are simple to create really you just need, IMO, the right subject.

I have an interactive vesion of this over on Skypixel so at some point will post a link to that or migrate so thanks for the subject move and also for the pointer.

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So rather than post a new thread - here’s the link to my interactive 360 from this location. Not sure how this will work so if it doesn’t then follow this link.

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Hi the link works fine, and the image is good, only suggestion would be to go quite a bit higher, around 50m or so then you will get a more interesting shot showing the landscape around the quarry. I use which is a similar thing to Skypixel I guess.
Have a good weekend, I hope the weather will be good for flying.

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Thanks @AprilCoon - until I joined here I had no idea about Kuula but will check it out.

And thanks for the tip, this was one of my very early tries so no real idea what I was doing but it works for me :slight_smile: