Orcombe Point

This spot is the start of the World Heritage
Site, Jurassic Coast, in East Devon.


Lovely footage mate, looks a beautiful place to fly and must say excellent flying, nice and smooth which I’m still trying to get lol :+1::ok_hand::clap::clap::clap:

I must agree, that is excellent footage and speed.

Can I ask a few questions to help both myself and others to get that good…

  1. What post production package do you use?
  2. Did you use any ND filters
  3. Who did you get to keep the drone flying slowly, or is that just careful controller operation.

Sorry for all the questions that was great work, great place too.

Thanks Matty. I’m very lucky to be ‘stuck’ here during lockdown.
Thanks Booker
For PP I used iMovie which comes free with my Apple Mac. It’s not very sophisticated but does all I need at the mo.
I don’t use any filters for video.
The main fly by, I have to admit, was using waypoints with the ‘arc’ setting on the m2p. This handles the transitions a lot more smoothly than I have been able to achieve manually.

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Just excellent - both in the choice of area, the flying and the post processing. Thoroughly enjoyable view of a most fascinating area.


Thanks for the encouragement!