OSD issue

Since I crashed my quad iv had no OSD info in my Dji goggles.

Iv checked my UARTs and they seem right ?? and the boxes are ticked …
Anyone have any ideas ?? …

A failure after ‘crash’ usually means something physical, check these first…

  • wire loose, look for a broken connectiion at one end
  • circuit board damage, even a tiny crack or ‘flex’ can break a thin copper track, losing a circuit
  • one part moved and now touching something it shouldn’t

Good luck :smiley:


Cheers Steve Iv given it a good coat of looking at already but my be worthwhile getting the magnifying glass out for a closer inspection :+1:t3:

Took your advice Steve and checked the FC and this is what I found…
Im assuming this is the issue, not sure what the silver blob is though ??

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Blob of solder smack bang I’m the middle of your OSD chip by the looks of it…

Isn’t that a motor mosfet though?

Yeah actually opening and looking at the picture it looks like an ESC rather than a flight controller :man_shrugging:t2:

You think, its on the bottom of the board though ???

Better picture

What about the air unit side. All the connectors ok?

Aghhh an AIO. Yeah post a picture of the underside the same as that one.

Found this on net you think it might be the same problem ???

Could well be…

Wounder if its worth contacting them :thinking:

Definitely worth a go, nothing to lose :+1:t2:

I’ll give it a go tomorrow, nothing ventured is nothing gained i reckon…

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yes :smiley:


The groups of three pads give it away, motor wires = 3 :smiley:

Iv had a response from Iflight asking for more photos, as much as this sounds promising id like to be 100% this is the design fault the 25 was released with…

@Steve and Dean you say its a AIO, would you mind educating me as to what this is as I thought it was a flight controller as on my other cinniwhoop which I replaced??.

Would you also know what chip has burnt out on the board ??..

Sorry the pics are a little blurry wasn’t sure if it was the pic or my eyes … :rofl: