Out in the field

So I go out to a field to fly from today.
My landing pad has arrived and I cannot get it back in its case so I left it in the van rather than wander with a huge H under my arm.
I launched my mavic from the hard case I carry it around in but it’s too small to land on.
I have to land on the only non grassy area which is by the entrance of the field.
Above the entrance is an overhanging tree but I’ve been flying about 5 weeks now so I got this to a tee when landing.
I’m on my third battery I’m nicely under the tree and about to land nice and tidy but my battery is low.
Next thing my MP went into RTH mode and started climbing into the tree.
Not damagie taken on but I was swearing like a docker as it was careering into the branches.
What a gimp I am

Hand catch, you never know when you might need it.

I probably do it about 50% of the time due to crappy ground.


Is it one of the fabric ones with a metal ring around the outside that explodes in to shape as soon as you unzip the bag?

If so, there is a definite knack to folding these back up in one fell swoop, without looking like you’re trying to wrestle an alligator in to a bag :rofl:

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Just remember to have downward obstacle avoidance off … or you’ll be chasing after it for ages. :wink:


Hi @SputnikTheAirDog I have the same landing pad, also have a massive ball pen for the granddaughter to play in. You will soon find the knack to putting it back in the bag.
just grab hold of each side and twist both hands in opposite direction. or better still watch this YouTube clip.

Hope this helps

Tried that and that’s exactly what happened :grinning:

Thanks Barry
I will give that a go

It’s exactly that Rich
It exploded out of the bag like an inflatable dinghy, hilarious as my teenage son who likes to take over got a faceful of it.