P4 Jerky Video

HI all

Just picked up a second hand p4 and on my first video attempt with it I could see that the image was iffy - it was flickering almost like it was struggling to auto expose? any way when I got it home I notice that anti flicker was set to 50hz, so I changed it to Auto and did a quick test and it looked a lot better - is this likely? or have I brought a lemon? here is the flickering 50hz example

Apologies for the link- not sure how to embed yet!

Compared to my first video attempt on the P3A the P4 was a bit dissapointing - no flickering going on here:[Avebury DJI P3A - YouTube]

Also I know my first attempts are not perfect - still learning!!!

the 50hz flicker setting is for artificial lighting - should have no impact on natural light … since the sun isn’t electric. :wink:

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What else could be causing it then - have I got a dud?

I was planning on selling the P3A and keeping the P4 - but I am not sure now!

First thing I’d check is if it happens if you take a video with it stood on a table in the garden and with the motors not running.

If it’s not apparent in that, then I’d suspect that it’s either interference from the motors.

If it’s still apparent, then some other internal interference - the transmitter being the most likely culprit, but that might only because some screening of the video cable isn’t doing its job.

Beyond that, very difficult to tell.

Everybody knows the sun is electric … Looks at page 3 for a shock …

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Shot in the dark but what are you using to read the card I can’t import on my air 2 iPad as it can’t handle 4K because it’s 10 bit ok in 2.7k as only 8 bit make sure your pc or iPad or what your using is capable of playing 4K mine I jerky on my desktop as its old like me lol just a thought mate if your pc is old then it might not be man enough try filming in 2.7k and then se if better cheers

There are flickering banding artefacts in the video - it’s not a jerky replay that data rates might create.

Cool mate not up to speed on tec but just my own experiences must get a new iPad or they say update out on 17 sept see if makes a difference cheers have a good day :+1::crazy_face:

btw - Welcome to GADC, Andy / @gino1340.:+1:

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us all a little about yourself. :slight_smile:

Might be my eyes mate but see flickering on that vid of Avebury on p3 I’m swindon mate you local to avebury :+1::sunglasses:

:grinning: ok

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Are you getting that banding/flicker on the video straight off the drone unedited?

Sorry for the mix up guys I have 2 drones a P3A and a P4

this is the footage I spotted it on from my P4 it gets reaaly bad around 20 seconds in - wonder if anyone else has noticed this -

#Gino - I live over in Shaw how about you - I dont think I will be flying this weekend though - too wet and windy!

I see what you mean about the image quality but what a nice place to fly!

Just a random thought from someone who knows nothing… Did you have the camera settings a long way from neutral? Maybe it was struggling to get a decent image with the camera being set to take very dark or light pictures.

Yes i spotted it straight away while flying using ipad mini 3. With the sun hood fitted and at tge time thought it was the transmission and it would have ok on the sd card. But it was exactly the same :frowning:

Sorry fer late reply mate been on holiday I’m actually in upper Stratton mate