P4 Pro+ Map download to controller

OK, so having switched from my WiFi/4G iPad mini 4 on my P4 to the Android fitted P4 Pro+ controller means that I now dont have 4G comms when I’m away from the WiFi.
How do I download maps to my GL300E controller? I’ve put a 64Gb SD card into it ready.

I’m not familiar with that device mate.

Is it running regular Android? Or a custom version like the CrystalSky?

Either way, I guess you’d just download the offline maps as you would for any other GO4 app, regardless of OS/platform?

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The offline maps should be as in these screen-grabs …

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OzoneVibe: I have a MA and I don’t have the offline map option on that drop down😕

I assumed the MA does t get that option?

I’ve been going to the flight area online and then relying on the map cache option to cover the flight area?
Have I missed a trick?
PS I fly with a Wi-fi only iPad mini4

That offline map is a Go4 feature … and totally independent of the model of drone. Perhaps it’s not the same on iOS.

Prob as you say: iOS is the issue.

Could anybody else with a MA using iOS please confirm that the “offline maps” option is not available in Go4?:+1:

Thanks for allof the suggestions.

What I’ve so far found is that on the Boot Up screen (P4Pro+) if I hit the right hand icon (folded map) then I can select a small area to name and download. It is a fairly small, oblong map. I have a 64Gb card in the controller and it would obviously be better if I could use that for maps - any ideas?

OzoneVibe, my P4Pro+ screen/menu is completely different.


Because that menu (on Android) is absolutely nothing to do with which drone is selected. It’s only Go4 settings.

So are you saying the Aircraft needs to be powered up and connected for me to download maps?

PingSpike, it’s the DJI supplied Android on the GL300E controller for the P4Pro+

Nope - I’m saying that the drone that you have, connected or just selected in the app, has no influence on that menu.

Hence asking if you are on iOS or Android … because those screen shots are Android.

OK, got you.

I have the DJI supplied Android built in screen on the P4Pro+ GL300E controller.

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I saw in your tweet whilst I was typing my last.

Goodness knows why it’s not there, in that case.

Do you still d/l the Go4 app from Google Play?
Which version is it?

No, Go 4 is preinstalled on the Android and updates via WiFi when necessary. To be fair, the display id delightfully clear and bright. I used to have to use the sun hood on my iPad 4 Mini on my previous P4 on bright days - that’s a thing of the past.

I’m curious.

Can you go through these screens to get to the version?

I don’t know if that’s the same as the CS version or not…

Has it got the Google Play Store on it?

I’ve not got either of those menus on Android or IOS.
How I get maps on the iPad is if you know where you are flying then you scroll in and out of the map connected to your home WiFi while you are all powered up so you cache the map.

I’m v4.2.22 IOS
v4.1.3 Android, not used this for a while

I think that falls in the patch when they changed map supplier and had none.

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