Panorama - klamath CA


It’s been almost 30 years since I was up that way. It still looks beautiful! :+1:

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That looks lovely and leads me to a couple of questions.

  1. How did you post the 360, is it something GADC just ‘handles’ or is that a link to another site such as SkyPixel?

  2. I can see the shot has some blown out sky but how do you restrict that is it by use of filters? My skies in my 360s tend to disappear if theres any hint of sun.

  1. This should help … Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To

  2. Exposure for 360s is a pain, and even the M2P does a lot of blending between the 34 pics it takes to create it.
    Taking RAWS, processing them individually and using good stitching/blending software is the best route …. or (if you are on iOS) look at Hangar360 for taking the 360s since that seems to have exposures/blending really sorted. (But they retain the rights to images!)

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Nice, I get so jealous when I see the gorgeous places on other people’s doorsteps. Love watching Dustin Dunnills videos.

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Do you ever sleep @OzoneVibe :rofl:

But thanks for the info. I was more after how to handle sun / bright spots without filters but will start my own thread rather than take over this one.

I tend to under-expose, take RAWs, you can extract plenty of detail from the shadows and bring down the sun/highlights.

Filters won’t really help … since they will affect ALL 34 images the same.

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Welcome back @SpininB :smile:

I’ll be back more -I have a bunch of video just no internet – taking care of my handicapped dog has been fulltime too … all good