Panos in Scotland - Torridon, Loch Lee, Pentlands, Duddingston Loch, Spean Bridge

taken with a mavic 2 pro and using ND filters stitched photos

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Some location info, in the thread title and next to the images, would be both useful and of interest to others.

A few hundred threads of “Some more this-that-the-other” does make for very boring posts that won’t draw people in to see them.

Saves people asking and you responding, too.


All above photos in order of appearances, 1st 4 where taken at torridon north west scotland.
5th photo was taken at loch lee Angus grampian mountains.
6th and 7th 8th and 9th photo was taken at the Pentlands just outside Edinburgh.
10th and 11th was again taken at torridon scotland.
12th and 13th is duddingston loch in the city of Edinburgh.
And the last photo is spean Bridge commando monument scotland .

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Anyone wanting anymore info feel free to ask

Cheers - updated the title accordingly.